Friday, July 25, 2014

My MOM - My Angel, My Wonderwoman and My World - A Poem

July has been a super super busy month for me, I feel bad, I couldn't  follow many of my resolutions. I am going to write an article about this sooner.

Last night as I checked my bookshelf to search a document, I saw an old note which was basically a collection of Articles and Poems which never got published (:P). And I selected my favorite one for you J

Photo Credit ~ Google

Darkness was all I could see
A home for 9 months I had to be
Suffocated and frustrated I cried
To see the world outside, so bright

How stupid of me to have not known
The pains of my mom, though she had not shown
She gave me everything I needed
Love and Care without my single request

My mom carried a wide smile on her face
Though her eyes showed the pain
I moved here and I moved there
I made her feel more and more pain

When everyone was so busy on their own
My mom cared for me without any frown
She talked to me and felt me every time
Though she always worried about my appearance

I gave her more pain when I came out
My mom cried with a smile again
I came out, my worries gone
For my mom, the battle has just begun