Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A day that was ...... (September 21, 2016)

8:45AM: I meet a middle aged man as I walk down my home staircase. I don't know him, he smiles at me kindly as he sees me. As I smile back, I believe in humanity and i want to do better.😇😇😇
9:15AM: I call an official for a work which she is responsible for and then I get served with her morning mood. Literally shouting over the phone, she keeps me wondering if she had a fight or got served with her boss' morning mood too. Getting shouted at when I have no idea what wrong i did, I lose faith in humanity and then I just wanna be like her 👿👿👿

10:00AM: I randomly share about how I forgot some rules after being out of touch for a year. My supervisor nods his head and acknowledges it and apologizes for not giving me enough time to go through them. As I believe good people exist, I wanna be a very good person as well and work harder.
10:30AM: Something totally unexpected and unusual happens in office. I keep wondering and thinking with the clouds 💭 Embarrassed 😳, My reactive mind already checked out the BBS job announcements for a new job. 👿😆👀
11:45AM: A family who is sick is waiting for me to take him to the hospital. My mother tells me how important and useful I am to my family with a choking voice. My family has faith on me. I feel more responsible, I feel human and I wanna do more.
12:30PM: A man is lying on a green bed in the hospital all oxygenated, unconscious and has a swollen stomach. Someone sits beside him. She is healthy, pretty and young; she tells me (someone she saw for less than a min) she is tired of taking care of the patient. She explains she has been there for a day, and wonders how her mother bore it for months. And then I come to know that the person on the bed is in fact her father. That leaves me broken, I wonder what kind of world we are living in? What is more important than your parents after all. 😒😠🤔
6:00PM: I enter home. With the aroma of my favorite tea flavor and the smell of home, I feel happy. As I relax, my sister gets me a cup of tea and gives me a good massage. Such love, that I want to forget everything and be something more than everyone else.
6:30PM: I scroll down my Facebook feeds and then see the saddest news of the day. The Angelina Jolie and Brat Pitt divorce. Baam 💣 And all that happened was nothing after all, finally I realize nothing last forever! ☹️😞😭