Friday, November 18, 2016

When Negativity Strikes.

Mood on October 18, 2016:

Please don't judge me, I am on a negative mode today: because I am tired of ignoring negativity and tired of being positive amidst people who doesn't know what positivity is!

Disclaimer 🚫: positive people please don't read it!

There is a limit to everything, there is a limit to negativity, to anger, to show offs, ego, greed, hypocrisy and jealousy; and then there is this tolerance level - and trust me, mine has almost touched the sky!

Shouting aloud about what you have done for other people; telling them how grateful they should be; having an intention of embarrassing and making the other person feel low; forgetting other people's help and all good deeds; claiming that you are a good person; claiming that you are spiritual and chant 1000 prayers everyday; makes you no less than people who do nothing for you and in fact even worst than them!

Please wake up and stop barking! Live and let live: many doesn't get this chance; please don't let God regret for creating you! 🙏🙏🙏 Thank you very much!

P.S: There are many types of negative energy, some could be just ignored, some could be even smiled at and let it go, but this time this one was not something i could just ignore or let go. 

May Peace Prevail on Earth (Prayers).

Thursday, November 17, 2016

My Forty Before Forty is here finally!

Can't believe it's already time to make my 40 before 40. Phew, definitely feeling so old (Laughing Out Really Loud with Blurred Eyes). Nevertheless, feeling much wiser, much better and better in all ways,  much stronger, much happier and content. Many things have changed,  I am certainly not the person I used to be. I am more calm, more matured, more learned and much kinder. I don't have any wrinkles yet, my face doesn't show any signs of aging, I feel happy, I feel grateful.  More importantly, I realize nothing is for free, you have to earn everything and the charm of earning it is incredible. From simple things like money, vacation to bigger ones like respect, change and love, everything requires your hard work, determination and positive energy. As I turned 30 this October, I believe I have the potential to be more better, make differences and raise higher. Ok then, my 40 before 40 is here:

I. Self Awareness/Development and Growth:

1. Be an Active Blogger. Publish at least an article every month (more on personal development and growth) making it 120 articles eh?

2. Make Self Care a Priority (taking care of my own inner development and growth, physical health, fitness, beauty, habits, everything that makes a difference to me). Improve my Eye Sight

3. Develop a regular, serious Meditation and Yoga habits; Pray Every day; Go on a Meditation Retreat.

4. Read and Buy a lot of Books, at least a book every month like always. That would make 120 books in 10 years?


    1. November: The Girl You Left Behind - Jojo Moyes
    2. December: A Place Called Here - Cecelia Ahern 


   3. January: To the boys i have loved before - Jenny Han
   4. January: P.S I Still Love you - Jenny Han
   5. May: Mrs. Funnybones - Twinkle Khanna
   6. May: How The Secret Changed my Life- Rhonda Byrne

5. Visit or see H.H the Dalai Lama in real. (The only person I dream of seeing in person since a child)

6. Start a Recurring Deposit (in other words start saving a little (Laughs))

7. Stay Positive in all situations. Complain lesser about everything. Practice Gratitude.

8. Visit a New Place you have not been to, every year.

    1. November:  Chimi Lhakhang, Punakha (Was on my 'place to visit' list :))

    1. February: Darjeeling and Sikkim, India
    2. April - June: 10 new gewogs :)  and Bukay Dham in Samtse 

9. Write and Publish a Book.

10. Ride a Horse/a Camel just for a short time (not tire the poor soul though). I am striking this off because the more I think about it, the more cruel I find it. Why, have fun in the expense of someone's pain. Instead, Why not have a Tattoo or Donate Blood or run a Marathon? Yes :)

11. Buy and Drive a SUV: I always loved big cars (LOL)

    12. Plan a Holiday Destination to Venice, Bali or anywhere nice/silent/romantic and surrounded by water.

      13.  Find or be in a Job where I am truly happy and enjoy myself.

      14. Find a Lone Time once in a well and spend it well.

    15. Spend lesser time on Social Media (No phone in bed, while eating, during gatherings, while talking, in public, etc.)
      16.  Work on my bad Temper and overly Sensitive nature.

      17.  Don't talk about anyone Behind their Back.

      18.  Don't Judge People.
      19. Work hard, stay Determined and Focused.

      20. Stop Procrastination and work on Time Management.

      21. Pursue Poetry: I realized lately, I am quite Poetic too :P

      22. Be a Morning Person.

      23. Keep every Mondays Meat/Alcohol/Tobacco/Egg free. 
      24. Learn Swimming finally. Play more Water Sports.
     25.  Create my dream home (a Vast Collection of Good Books, Beautiful decorative pieces, plenty of flowers and indoor plants, Exotic Furniture, Best TV Set and Music System, Best Home Appliances, etc etc.. :-P)
      26. Live life every day, savor every seconds.

II. For Family, Friends, Loved ones:

27. Take Family for a Trip outside Bhutan :)

28. Buy good gifts, show love & appreciation, visit and spend time with Family and close friends more often.

 29. Celebrate every loved ones birthday with love. Surprise them and make their day memorable.

30. Be there for Loved Ones when they are in need of you. Pray for them, Wish good for them, Think well of them. Support, Help and Guide them with all your heart.

III. In Pursuit of being a Good/Better Being:

      31. Volunteer and donate for Good Causes and Make a Difference in someone's life.

      32. Buy School Uniforms for 50 needy Students 

      33. Buy Food for 50 hungry People - two done :)

      34. Be polite with everyone every day, Help and Support people as much as possible.

      35. Do an act of Kindness every day without expecting anything in return.
      36. Visit a Monastery every month and pray for all sentient beings :)

         1. November: Chimi Lhakhang, Punakha
               2. December: Shiva Mandir, Samtse; Zangtopelri Lhakhang, Thimphu


          1. January: Tango and Chari Monasteries; Anim Dratshang; Changangkha Lhakhang, Thimphu
                2. February: Tathagata tsal, Samdruptse and Char Dham in Sikkim; Durpin Lhakhang in                                           Kalimpong, India
                3. March: 
                4. April: Bukay Dham and two Shivalaya Mandirs in Samtse 
                5. May: Sangchen Dorjee Gonpa, PedongKalimpong.
                6. June: Sawreyni Lhakhang in Samtse

IV. Into Nature

37. Go on a Trekking/Hiking/Camping. 


    1. Camping, Zomlingthang, Punakha (November 19)

38. Buy a DSLR camera and Pursue my interest in Photography.

39. Sleep under the stars.


    1. Slept under the stars; watching and counting them (November 19 - Zomlingthang, Punakha)

40. Get closer and deeper into the heart of nature: Love, Appreciate and Spend time with nature.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A day that was ...... (September 21, 2016)

8:45AM: I meet a middle aged man as I walk down my home staircase. I don't know him, he smiles at me kindly as he sees me. As I smile back, I believe in humanity and i want to do better.😇😇😇
9:15AM: I call an official for a work which she is responsible for and then I get served with her morning mood. Literally shouting over the phone, she keeps me wondering if she had a fight or got served with her boss' morning mood too. Getting shouted at when I have no idea what wrong i did, I lose faith in humanity and then I just wanna be like her 👿👿👿

10:00AM: I randomly share about how I forgot some rules after being out of touch for a year. My supervisor nods his head and acknowledges it and apologizes for not giving me enough time to go through them. As I believe good people exist, I wanna be a very good person as well and work harder.
10:30AM: Something totally unexpected and unusual happens in office. I keep wondering and thinking with the clouds 💭 Embarrassed 😳, My reactive mind already checked out the BBS job announcements for a new job. 👿😆👀
11:45AM: A family who is sick is waiting for me to take him to the hospital. My mother tells me how important and useful I am to my family with a choking voice. My family has faith on me. I feel more responsible, I feel human and I wanna do more.
12:30PM: A man is lying on a green bed in the hospital all oxygenated, unconscious and has a swollen stomach. Someone sits beside him. She is healthy, pretty and young; she tells me (someone she saw for less than a min) she is tired of taking care of the patient. She explains she has been there for a day, and wonders how her mother bore it for months. And then I come to know that the person on the bed is in fact her father. That leaves me broken, I wonder what kind of world we are living in? What is more important than your parents after all. 😒😠🤔
6:00PM: I enter home. With the aroma of my favorite tea flavor and the smell of home, I feel happy. As I relax, my sister gets me a cup of tea and gives me a good massage. Such love, that I want to forget everything and be something more than everyone else.
6:30PM: I scroll down my Facebook feeds and then see the saddest news of the day. The Angelina Jolie and Brat Pitt divorce. Baam 💣 And all that happened was nothing after all, finally I realize nothing last forever! ☹️😞😭