Thursday, May 29, 2014

Travelling tips ;)

It is always a great idea to travel light so you can be comfortable and at ease. What to carry and what not to carry really depends on the type of holiday/visit you are planning, the destination, climate and the duration. 
I have prepared a quick list of essentials to carry, to help you to have a wonderful trip ;)

1.    Travel Documents:

The first things to put in your luggage are your travel documents, the passport, visa (if required) and flight tickets. It is always mindful to carry a city map and the address of the place you are visiting if you are visiting the place for the first time.

If you are on a business trip, make sure your laptop or the drives are packed in case you need to make a presentation or write a report. You have an additional advantage of it though, you can watch movies if you are bored or too tired to go out. Pack up the chargers too. It would be wise to carry extra passport size photos, you never know when you need them.

2. Clothes and Shoes:

You must know how many and what types of clothes to pack. Those depend on where you are going, what activities you are planning and the duration of your stay there. Apart from it, a swim suit (for people who love/know how to swim), a comfortable pair of sleepers, a cardigan/a Stole (Even if the place is hot/humid) and a night dress. Wear something comfortable while travelling, I would recommend pants over dresses.

3. Travel Kit:

Cosmetics and Toiletries are the most important stuffs to carry while travelling. Here I mean your toothbrush and the paste, your cream, your shampoo, face wash, hair brush, perfume, your make up sets, sanitary napkins, etc. I even carry ear buds, toothpick, toilet paper, sunscreen, Lip balms, body lotion, hand cream, face towel and Sunglasses.

4. A Smart Phone:

Besides making phone calls, the advantages of a smart phone over a basic phone are undeniable.
Make sure you have packed your smart phone. You need not carry many things if you have a smart phone. Whether you want to play games, catch your favorite TV show, take pictures, making a To Do list, a shopping list, use as an alarm clock and a watch, listen to your favorite music, a smart phone is all you need.

Carry extra batteries, chargers, head phone and cables as well.

5.   First Aid Needs:

Always carry a first aid kit for just in case, you get a headache or catch flu. I make sure I carry drugs for headache/flu, stomach disorders, also vitamins, Band-Aid, ointment, hand sanitizer, a balm and a mouth mask. These are a necessity for me.

6.  A Good Book and a dairy:

I tell you, nothing is a better travel companion than a good book. I cannot travel without books, it’s just incomplete.^ - ^ Carry a good book and you will know what I mean here. I also maintain a dairy, so I carry one always, where ever I go, I can take note of new things, new places, new dishes, shopping malls, and I  also use my dairy as my budgetary note.  Carry a pen always.

7. Gifts and Thank-You Cards:

You can always carry small gifts and thank you cards, kind of souvenirs. You meet some kind, helpful people around and you may like to give it as a token of appreciation. It just makes me feel good. :)

8. Money:

You need to carry some handy cash and ATM, debit or credit cards. It’s always recommendable to carry more money than you think you will need for safety reasons. However, you should manage your money wisely.

9. Eatables:

It is always a wise idea to carry some eatables like noodles, chocolates, candies or even homemade food esp. if you are travelling to a country whose food habits are completely different from yours. Of course you need to explore, try new dishes but in case nothing works, you may just need to stay in your room and eat what has been brought else you would just starve.  

10. Miscellaneous:

Apart from the above, you may also like to carry a tiny flashlight (esp. for Ladies), address book, guide book, visiting cards. 
avoir un bon voyage ;)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Us, three :)

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Friendship is one of the most beautiful things in the world. In life, you meet many special friends, friends who change your life just by being a part of it, friends who make you laugh until you can't stop, friends who are there when the world seem dark and empty, friends who make you believe that you are just very special.

The two special people I am going to talk about here are not amongst those friends whom I met through my life’s journey, not just special friends but much more than that. We were destined to be together anyhow. God wanted us to be there for each other anyway.  These are the two special people I share my home with, live with every day, sleep with, eat with and yet I never get enough of them. They are the frequent commenter (s) on my blog, my readers who encourage me every time with their thumbs up. ;) Thank you.

Cheers to us ;)

Let me introduce them to you first. One of them is a cousin, her name is Tashi. She works with the  Druk Hotel as a Guest Relation Executive. :D (I am proud of you Doll). Tashi has always been more than just a cousin for me. We grew up together as kids, we were each other’s best friends, we went to movies together as a kid buying tickets with the money we saved in our piggy banks, together we used to bully our younger cousins (Remember how much fun we had there Tashi?.. lol). She is a beautiful woman, resembles a Barbie, a big pink color, Yoyo Honey Singh and Sonam Kapoor fan, likes red lipstick and dancing very much, a very spiritual being and a vegan. :)

The next one is my cute sister. We call her Chunku, the small one, as she is the youngest in the family. I have written about her earlier and yes, I write this again I cannot think about my life without her. She is just very special in every way, super fun to be with, loves karaoke, loves eating, likes exploring, die hard shopping fan, very fashionable (has to try every outfit that comes in the market), a pampered child, can be very thoughtful and matured at times, very intelligent, very smart, an engineer by profession and the best of all is that, she is a kind being yet she cannot be bullied by anyone.

These two ladies hold a very special place in my heart, they are those rare people who understand all my troubles by just looking in my eyes and help me survive the day to day trials and tribulations of life. No mater, how my day goes, I feel good everyday that I have someone who would listen to me and make me feel loved. We are each other’s guide, mentor, critic and stylist, each other’s best friends who laugh and cry with each other. We have seen each other at our worst and said to each other that you are the best. We have cheered each other on. We have fought with each other and made up after many bitter exchanges. :P But we have also stood by each other’s side during hard times and fought for and defended each other throughout.

We make each other’s life just awesome and happening. We are a family PLUS a friend combo. We can talk about weird things about our family, things we can’t share with friends and we can also share friendly weird talks we won’t feel comfortable talking with a family. We hate people for each other, we sing out our tensions in a karaoke, we dance our problems out, we can talk the whole night, we can drink with each other with unlimited laughter, we can shout, we can disturb neighbours too (I know, it’s bad), we can even watch stars like lovers do. We can point out each other’s mistakes without any hesitation and we still keep learning a lot from each other. So, we call ourselves the Awesome Threesome.

   So for you two beautiful ladies, 

Cheers to AWESOME THREESOME!!! Thank you for being with me every day. Thank you for being my awesome partners in crime. Let’s become old ladies together, we will stay up late looking at the old pictures and telling "remember when" stories. I love you girls much much. And I am writing this because I miss you girls and I know how different my life is without you. :)