Monday, March 31, 2014

A heartwarming story about my family pet Dog: Puppy

I have heard and read a lot of stories which prove Dogs as Man’s best friend, from dogs who saved their owners’ lives to loyal dogs who stayed by their loved ones’ side even after death to protect them. My family always owned a pet dog since I can remember my own existence and I never felt those stories I read were just imaginary.

The protagonist of my story here is our pet dog. His name is Puppy and he is 6 years old. He is a white hairy dog and our family’s protector, staying awake the whole night, barking at the chicks who spoil our kitchen garden, chasing cows/oxen who get into our grass field, barking at electricians/workers who come to grasp his owner’s money and chase away other stray dogs fearing the diversion of his owner’s attention. No one can shout at him or give him left over, else he would cry and diet for days. He also understands most of our words like get out, come in, eat, sit, sleep, stand up, etc etc. Amongst all, the relationship Puppy share with my dad is just incredible, so very unlikely and unbelievable at times. He used to accompany my dad almost everywhere and protect him from the fear of darkness, the fear of being alone or the fear of being robbed or things like that.

He used to cry for days when my dad remained away from home, he didn’t even eat without seeing my dad around. When my dad got ready for school, he ran and waited for my parents in their car so that he won’t be left at home. My parents used to take him to school with them, while they taught, puppy used to stay under the table and watch them teach turn wise turn. However, he had to be chased out of the class when the students got distracted with his presence in the class and in addition he would bark if the students stayed too close to my parents. He then sat near the door and waited for the class to be over. One day, my dad told me that, while checking his students’ homework, one of the students had done the work exceptionally well and in order to encourage more of such works, my dad called the student in front of the class and as a token of appreciation he gave the kid a gift. It was at that time, Puppy jumped from nowhere on the student. If my dad hadn’t been there, he would have bitten the student and created a scene. It was after this incident he was tied at home when my parents went to school. Poor Puppy!!! He was to be blamed somehow though.
Every morning he used to cry like a baby. When we were at home on vacations, we had to hold him tight so that he wouldn’t run behind my dad’s car. And we would know that my parents were on their way home through him because Puppy would waive his tail and run around the house happily. One time my dad had to stay away from home for a week for my grandfather’s treatment. Puppy didn’t even eat one meal properly in a day, he stopped barking and he cried all day and night. When my dad came back, Puppy started being his normal self again. We used to wonder if he was one of those dogs in the stories we had heard before. He was just so extra ordinary.  Everyone in the neighborhood would say, if Puppy dies, he would be reborn as my dad’s grandchild. That was the kind of bond Puppy had with my dad. J

Of recent when I went home to celebrate Losar (Chinese New Year) with my family, something was strange. Then I realized it was Puppy, Puppy wasn’t there, he didn’t come to get me from the car, to jump over me, to lick my legs. My dad told me that Puppy had left home two weeks ago. What I heard thereafter just left me dumbfounded. As we talked towards home, I could see a little black sick dog perhaps just few days old sleeping at the gate. When I asked my parents about it, they said it was the reason for Puppy to leave home. My brother had brought the dog home few weeks earlier when he had found it lost and sick on the way. He couldn’t just leave it seeing it suffering, almost dead and he thought he would bring home a brother for Puppy as well. However, nothing went as expected. The first few days, Puppy pretended like he didn’t actually care, he stayed away from the little black dog and slowly he stopped coming inside the house, he stopped barking and he even stopped crying when my parents went to school.

One day when my parents got back from school, they noticed Puppy wasn’t around. He didn’t come back that night. The next day, early morning my worried dad went around the neighborhood to check Puppy and get him back home. He told me it was one of his saddest moments. He saw Puppy running away after seeing him. He chased Puppy, but my dad lost his sight after a while. My parents thought he would come back home the next day after starving for a while. My dad stored a lot of meat for him so that he could give him and bribe him to stay home every day. But it never happened.

On the morning of Losar, every one of us was seated outside the house with piles of eatables. To our surprise, Puppy made his appearance finally. All three of us (me, my brother and my sister) used to be his favorite, it was actually really so touching to see him come back home after hearing all that had happened in our absence. We felt like maybe he came to meet us. His favorite food used to be Cookies and Fish. No matter how full he was, he would not leave it untouched. There was yet an another astonishing moment for us. My dad threw him a cookie pretending not to notice his arrival, Puppy picked it up and ran towards the garden with it in his mouth. All of us were watching him, we saw him dig the ground and bury the cookie inside it.  Everyone just stared at each other and said nothing. Puppy left again after celebrating his Losar with us.

I told my parents if Puppy was really so wounded by the presence of the little dog, why don’t they just send it away though I knew the reason myself. The little dog looked very weak and sickly. He needed to be taken care of very well and he had to be fed with milk and good food which he won’t get elsewhere. They said they would keep him till he grew big enough to take care of himself. But I wondered even if they do that, would Puppy ever come back again? Even if he comes back, will my dad and mom get the same faith, trust and love Puppy once had for them again? When I called my mom to check about Puppy today to write a conclusion for this article, she said he still isn’t back home yet.
He is the Hero I am talking about here :)
And there is simply nothing I can do than just wish the little dog gets well soon and Puppy comes back home and live happily ever after. J

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

10 WEIRD Things That I have in Me...

1.  I cannot remember a person’s face unless I meet him/her for several times. On the contrary, I can even remember a stranger’s birthday. I just have to know it once. 

2.   I am a Typical Hydrophobic. I have improved a lot now though, I can get into a bath tub, I can close my eyes when I wash my face, I can go to beaches for walk. A few years ago, I couldn't even take a glimpse of the clean beautiful deep blue rivers/lakes, I always felt like I would be washed away or drowned or someone would push me from behind. I even assumed that I died of drowning in my previous generation which is quite weird. :D  I suddenly began to realize what I was missing and before I regret, I started going to river banks, beaches, waterfalls though it scared the hell out of me. It still does but I realize not only essential, Water is one of the most beautiful creations. Of late, when I meditate I close my eyes and imagine deep blue water with its beautiful components (which are usually lotus flowers, colorful fishes and cranes); it helps me battle my fear.

3.  I cannot hate or dislike a person for more than 6 months (which means I forgive people fast) because I don’t even remember their faces after that period of time (which means I forget people fast too). Hek hek.

4. I prefer drinking hot tea to juices, water and ice cream even when the temperature has risen to 40 degree Celsius. (I am not referring to morning/evening tea here).

5.  I still crave for Cerelac. (Cerelac is a brand of instant cereal made by Nestlé. The cereal is promoted for infants 6 months and older as a supplement to breast milk when it is no longer the sole item in an infant's diet.)

6. I cannot eat Biscuits without dipping it in Tea. Wait before you conclude, I still have all 32 teeth which are still strong.

7.  I eat and do dishes like a snail (it takes me hours) but I can finish up all other works within no time (my hands automatically move fast, I wonder why???).

8. I laugh on my own remembering something funny from like two years ago. Then, when I try to make myself stop laughing, I just end up laughing more. AND I never explain to anyone what I remembered.

9.  I listen to a song over and over again until I get sick of it.

10. I have this habit. I am usually halfway to my destination and I can't let go of that nagging feeling of not remembering locking the door, turning off the gas stove, locking the car, etc. I have to go back to check even if I exactly know that I just locked the door/car or put off the stove, closed my windows. I just wish I can let go of this feeling.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Worrying: Does it attain anything??? If it doesn't, Why do we still Worry??? PART 1

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Worrying is an awful waste of time. Over the span of our lifetime, worrying accounts for hours and hours of invaluable time that we will never get back. It makes us assume scenarios and overwhelm us with self conjured events that have not even happened yet and possibly will never happen.

I was one typical worrier who used to get worried about everything, literally everything in life ranging from little things like completing my homework on time to the political instability in the world. Of course, I could do something about the former but there was nothing I could do about the later, yet I worried.

On a positive note, worrying helped me complete all my works on time, be it home works given to me by my teachers, assignments given at home by my parents, other works at office, etc. However, worries never left my mind in peace, it remained preoccupied with ‘what ifs’. Now, I realize that I have wasted too much of my time worrying about simply nothing. I have never lived in the present; it was always the past and the future I lived in. When we live in the present, we are living where life is happening. We will realize beauty in every moment. Sadly, I did not experience life as it is. L And many of you may be doing the same unknowingly.

I remember myself as a very worried kid and I grew up as a worried teenager, a worried youth and a worried adult. And it’s so true that 80% of the things we worry about never happen, even in my case it never happened. There were many instances like this when I was worried, I had forgotten my best friend’s birthday, mother’s day, other important occasions, etc. I remember not enjoying dinners, social gathering because I was too engrossed worrying either about my tomorrow or about the mess I had created the day before, about what people would think about me, so on and so forth.

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My worries would vary from:

1. Meeting new people and adjusting with new friends: I always worried about meeting new people. I remember how worried I used to be when I had to change schools and meet new friends. I would worry about how my roommates would be when I had to go to boarding schools, starting from how should I start the conversation, what if she doesn't like me? One example of recent would be after I started working, my supervisor would nominate me to attend some meetings where I had to represent my organization. My worries would begin then, what if I am asked something I don’t know, what if there were no one I know to sit with, to eat my lunch with. Within few hours, the meeting/training would be over and no one even notices me. It’s just a waste of time and energy.

2. Giving the Best: I have worried about giving my best, about my grades in school, job interviews, approaching deadlines, perfect reports. I worried about disappointing my teachers, my parents and my boss. I also worried about being the best one, be it a daughter, granddaughter, sister, relative, friend or a girl friend. I worried about what if I upset them, what if I didn't live up to their expectations, what if I didn't do enough. I still worry about this but not to that extend. :)

3. Giving a Presentation: Given the fact that I was a very shy person, (I still am but not as much I used to be before) I had serious problem coming in front of a crowd and giving public speeches. I always wanted to get rid of the class, pretend to be sick or request some friends to do it on my behalf. I never realized I was actually losing opportunities to overcome my weakness. The presentation would make me worry two – three weeks before. Instead of worrying, I could have prepared the presentation well and get ready to answer all questions asked. I never did that, I presented only for the sake of it. I never learnt anything.

5. Going on a date: I used to worry about going on dates, about the clothes I should wear, what if I do something stupid? What if he turns out not to be the person I’m looking for? I have worried about first impressions which were actually all useless.

6. Going to a social event: I am not exactly an introvert, but I prefer staying home most of the time. I like social events only if the event has people I know. When I have to go to events I am not so familiar with, I start getting worried about ‘what ifs’ again. What if no one wants to talk to me? What if I get stuck in an awkward conversation? What if it gets boring?

7. Starting something new: This has been one of my major weaknesses, not being able to accept change, adapt with new people, new things, new environment, starting something new. For a good period of time, I had this mentality that I should never write an article unless I make it the best. Even to start this blog, I wasted too much of my time just thinking about whether I should start it, what if people think I write non sense, so on and so forth . However, I am glad, though late, I realized it finally and I started it too. I have also realized that it’s OK to give it a try and this is how we learn.

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Over time, I have realized that:

       1.   Worry attains Absolutely nothing:

I don't have any leisure time to waste these days. I mean there are so many important things to do instead of just worrying and achieving nothing. Worrying won't help us solve a problem or bring about a solution, so there’s absolutely no reason wasting our time and energy on it. Instead, we should identify the issues bothering us and our actions to address those issues and act on them accordingly. 

 2.   Worrying  becomes a HABIT:

Worrying turns out to be a habit, the habit which took me so long to realize. Every time, something wrong turns out, the first thing we would do is worry instead of finding a solution. It becomes a habit. If we think of a solution before worrying, this would turn out to be a habit too, but a more efficient one which would eradicate so many small problems in life.

Worrying is destructive to us in many ways. It becomes a mental burden that can even cause us to grow physically sick.

3.   Worrying brings negative energy:

Worrying refrain us from thinking positive. It stops us from doing something good. Worrying only gives a false sense of control and doesn't help us accomplish anything.

I was a person full of such worries and only of late I have realized that it was such a waste of time and mental peace. So, I have decided that I would like to spend my time more wisely and more pleasingly now. J What about you? J

Get everything out of your head and live your life in the present. 

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