Monday, January 26, 2015

A Journey to my Dream Land ~

Travelling alone was not new to me but traveling to a place I had always dreamt of since a kid was. Two months ago, I had literally screamed with joy when I had been informed about my selection to attend a training course in Geneva, Switzerland. Switzerland, seriously Switzerland I had repeated several times and my sister had re read the email and re confirmed me again, yes Switzerland, she said. We both hugged merrily.

On January 17, 2015 when my family came to drop me to the Airport (a tensed journey it was by itself, I had to reach the Airport by 9:40 AM and it was already 10:10), I was sad for the first time about the trip when I realised it meant being away from home for a long long time, a period of 2 months. I have this inborn disease of home sickness. I was scared. Hiding my tears, I hurried to the entrance quietly bidding farewell to my beloved ones. I saw my worried mother crying. My heart sank again.

I had a hell of a heavy luggage, I sure knew it crossed 20 Kgs but when the crew weighed, it was 32. I didn’t speak; the pretty lady in the counter smiled and gave me my boarding pass. I didn’t have to pay a penny for the extra baggage. I smiled back and thanked her :). Next, my flight got delayed for almost two hours.

While in the Airbus, I was seated with a middle aged couple. The husband asked me if I was studying and I said I am on an official trip after which he started addressing me madam. Within conversations, we found out that we were actually neighbours, Surely Bhutan is a small place, I thought. A under 18 tennis team of Bhutan was flying with us too. They occupied the seats before us. I silently watched a boy so courageously flirting with a girl, the girl had gone all red blushing, and she was hiding her face with her hands. I smiled as I thought about puppy love. When I woke up after an hour, the boy was seating with the girl. He had changed his seat, I laughed out loud. My seat partner signalled me what, with his head, I signalled back saying nothing. 

After approximately, 3 hrs 30 mins we landed to the Suvarnabhumi International Airport, I didn’t have a halt in Bangkok, I had a transit flight to Istanbul at mid night. After exchanging some ta-ta words with my neighbours, I went to the transit gate. For no reasons, I was tired and I didn’t want to check the duty free area in the Airport. I sat on the bench and waited. I thought about home, I missed them already; the feeling of living alone scared me again. My excitement for getting to visit my dream land was gradually fading with fears, worries and emotions I was attached with that time. Tears started rolling down.

Uhmmm, this is not happening, I said to myself, I got up of the seat, went to the wash room, cried all I wanted to, got up again, wiped my tears, applied some eye colour, smiled and said to myself, you should consider yourself lucky, you are getting to visit your dreamland without needing to pay a penny, you are getting to learn, your family is always yours no matter where you are, your home will always be there, your friends will always remain your friends no matter how far you travel, so live the moment so that you don’t regret anything later. With that consoling advice I gave to myself, I cheered myself on, went back to my seat, read, watched people, smiled at them, I felt happy and grateful from within.

After 6 hrs of waiting, I boarded a Turkish Airline this time for a 10 and a half hrs flight to Istanbul. This time, my seat mate reminded me of Elizabeth Gilbert`s Eat, Pray, Love. She resembled the character in too many ways. I can’t explain everything here but, she laughed alone but she seemed lonely, she watched a lot of movies, she ate a lot, she smiled a lot. The entire 10 hrs and 20 mins, apart from thank you and sorry, we didn’t exchange any other words but smiled at each other a lot. While, I slept and ate the entire time. 

In Istanbul, I was interrogated for not having a Schengen Visa (a visa required to enter Europe). I hadn’t taken one because Switzerland had recently signed an agreement with Bhutan, saying Bhutanese with an official Passport won’t require a visa to enter Switzerland. Weird, they work for immigration and they don’t know what they have to. Honestly, I didn’t like the people in there, most of them looked like they hadn’t eaten for ages, they seemed too angry to be full. 

Thank god, I didn’t have to stay there for long, after 3 hours flight, I was in my Dream land. A dream had come true. The people were like I imagined them to be, the place was as beautiful as my imaginations. A senior colleague had kindly come to pick me at the Airport, I had reasons to be sad (my luggage bag was all broken, all wheels were no where to be seen), yet I chose to be happy instead.  The streets looked so clean and beautiful. As the icy winter wind blew on my face, I realised I am actually living my dreams. 

My fav Picture of Geneva  ^ - ^

Thursday, January 1, 2015

My 2015 Resolutions :)

Reviewed 27th January, 2016
Photo Credit ~ Google
So Time for resolutions again :)

There were some unsuccessful resolutions of last year, some successful yet some things I would like to continue doing, some new ones added ~~ and here are my Resolutions for 2015:

1.Start Saving. (I put this first because I seriously got to do something about it) ~~ Please god, help me fulfill it, Please! (progressing well :)) - Couldn't save much but still much better than the previous years so I'm glad :)

2. Organize and initiate a family trip. (My family went for a trip but they organised it themselves - I wasn't in the country to initiate a trip this year :) - Plan postponed. 

3. Buy school uniforms for five to ten students. Completed ~ Bought uniforms for six little kids. 

4. Wake up early and Reach office on time. (Wasn't working to reach office on time; But I reached classes on time everyday :) so I consider this a success) 

5. Learn more yoga postures and Start Yoga at homeLearn more yoga postures and Start Yoga at home. Learning Yoga postures was a success but doing yoga everyday was not possible given my busy schedule; though I did whenever I had enough time :) - Its going to be continued.

6. Read at least one book in a month. YES :)

1. Can Love happen twice by Ravinder Singh - January 2015
2. Will Grayson Will Grayson bJohn Green and David Levithan - February 2015
3. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne - March 2015
4. The Power by Rhonda Byrne - April 2015
5. A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierley - May 2015 
6. Adultery by Paulo Coelho - May 2015 
7. La Ama by Chador Wangmo - June 2015 
8. The new three minutes Meditator by David Harp - June 2015
9. Start where you are by Pema Chodron - July 2015 
No books read in August
10. The Giver by Lois Lowry - September 2015
11.The Fine things - Danielle Steel - Dec 2015
12. One hundred names - Cecelia Ahern - Dec 2015

13. Chronicles of Love unfold - Monu Tamang January 2016
14. Eleven Minutes - Paulo Coelho - February 2016
15. What makes you not a Buddhist - Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentshe
16. Love Story of a Doctor
17. Folk tales of Korea
18. In care of Sam Beauty
19. Beauty and Reclusive Prince
20. Depa Bondeypa's Relatives

7. Visit Monasteries at least once a month and on every loved one’s Birthdays and death anniversaries.  (Could do this when I was in Bhutan :)

1. January - Dechenphug Lhakhang in Thimphu
2. February - None
3. March - A church in Bern, Switzerland; Pangrizampa and Dechenphug Lhakhang in Thimphu 
March 30 - Zangtopelri Lhakhang, Thimphu (My late Grandma's 3rd year dead anniversary)
4. April - Changangkha Lhakhang, Zangtopelri Lhakhang and Anim Dratshang - in Thimphu and Lord Shiva Mandir in Samtse
5. May - Buddhapoint, Thimphu
6. June - Dechenphug Lhakhang, Changangkha Lhakhang and Anim Dratsang in Thimphu; Bay Langdra in Wangduephodrang 
7. July -  Dechenphug Lhakhang in Thimphu
8. August - Dechenphug Lhakhang and Dema Lhakhang (Pangrizampa), Thimphu  and Lord Shiva's Mandir in Samtse
9. September - Dechenphug Lhakhang, Dema Lhakhang, Changangkha Lhakhang and Anim Dratshang in Thimphu.

8. Donate for good causes as much as you can. (Could do it and progressing well :))

9. Develop a regular, serious Meditation habit.    (progressing well :))

10. Learn a Foreign Language. (I though i would learn Japanese but Korean is pretty cool too ;))

11. Keep Long hair :P.(progressing well :)) A big Failure :P Resolution continues :)

12. Go on Photo Walks and Advance Photography Skills.  (progressing well :))

13. Learn something new every day.  (progressing well :))

14. Volunteer/ initiate a Good Cause. Sadly, I couldn't do this. Its going to be continued till I do it.

15. Do an act of kindness every day. (progressing well :))

My 2014 in a nutshell ~ _ ~

It is the last day of 2014,only 2 hrs to 2015. As I look back, to take a glimpse of my 2014, I must say it has been an awesome year for me in terms of personal development, professional growth and learning. The saddest moment of my 2014 was the demise of my beloved grandfather, who made his journey to the heavenly abode on October 9, 2014.

A Glimpse of my 2014 month wise:


The year started with New Year Celebrations with friends and family with prayers for a wonderful and a healthy year and thanking god for an equally exciting 2013. I let go of my past and celebrated for a new beginning. I started writing and maintaining a blog, ‘Let’s Grow Together’, I kind of feel accomplished. We experienced the first snowfall of the year on January 11. Had an amazing time :) Went home for vacation and spent quality time with my Dearest parents and grannies.

Family, Friends, Celebrations ~~ So, January, 2014 basically was a merriment month for me.


February was the Travel Month :) Half the month, I was traveling, visited 8 Districts in the country. It was an official visit. In addition to professional learning, I had an awesome time taking walks alone, visiting countryside, taking pictures (advancing my photography skills :P), living alone, eating what is being cooked, meeting new people, reviewing myself. It was indeed a Refreshing and a Learning month for me!


Spent the Chinese New Year with family. Had an awesome time with my favorite people, Family time again ;) Bought them nice gifts :). March 15 is one of my favorite person’s Birthday. Had a Birthday blast. Apart from celebrations, office was quite hectic. I participated in numbers of office events, prepared and appeared for a Mathematics examination, a mandate for applying for a scholarship (lived a student life partly again), a close friend’s dad expired, met few new people, some of whom has now become a special part of my life :). With so many things happening, March was an experiencing month.


My Grandfather was sick, quite seriously this time. April was a sad month; I remained worried most of the time. The state of my mind was emotional and I had disturbing thoughts. I visited number of temples, offered prayers and butter lamps. April, I would say was a gloomy month.


Travel on my cards again: P I had an opportunity to visit a new place, Manila in the Philippines. The trip was amazing, good bunch of friends, new place, sightseeing, good food and best of all, SHOPPING. I again had to travel to Kolkata, India for 10 days, the same month. Apart from sightseeing, movies, good food, the best part of it was SHOPPING again ;) SHOPPING month, May was for me :)


The first few days of the month, I was sick. I caught some flu while in Kolkata and it became worst when I was back home.  But this is not important; the more important event was my awesome siblings’ birthday. Both of their birthdays fall in June. This year was more special, because we celebrated their days (June 29 and June 30) with Family at Home. Time for vacation again :)


I visited my grandfather. He looked healthier, I felt good. Helped dad and mom with the paddy transplantation, I felt so proud. Apart from that, we shifted to a bigger apartment. July was a super hectic month for me, I was terribly busy. Work almost made me mad :(. Half dead, I was the entire month :P


August was just an another month. Work, meetings, get-togethers, movies, dramas, books, wine :) to sum up. An interesting part of the month was, I spent most of my time learning song lyrics and singing along, early in the mornings, late at nights, at noon :) (Thanks to the Lyrics Grabber) Weird me, I know!


Travel again, visited four more districts in the country. This time, it was quite hectic with never ending presentations, reports, tiring rides, heated discussions :(, misuse of office funds, etc. I learnt serious life lessons. My result for the mathematics test was out and I didn’t score enough marks to get selected for the scholarship. I was sad for some time, but I already had so many reasons to be happy about. So, I kicked sadness and cuddled happiness. Life, it is again ^ - ^.


This month was the saddest month of 2014. My beloved grandpa passed away on October 9, a day after I turned 28. We were busy with the rituals the entire month. The same month on the 3rd day, I had received my grandpa’s last blessings. I shall always cherish these blessings for life time.


I spent the month mostly visiting temples in and outside Thimphu offering prayers for my beloved grandfather. Office works were hectic, had boss issues, hated my job for a while, forgave my boss and loved my job again!!


A month for get-togethers, Friends and families came for vacation and every weekend I had an appointment. Feels good to know there are many people whom I love and who loves me back. As I bid farewell to 2014, I am grateful to god for everything, all ups and downs, it was necessary for my growth.

 ^ ^ our eve special ;)
As we celebrate the New Year’s Eve, we wish and pray for a wonderful year with new hopes and dreams :)