Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Dream ^ - ^

It was one of the coldest winter afternoons in Paro. The road trip was kind of scary with the ice topped road, the car skidded every now and then. My brother’s speed driving added to it. The potholes made it worst. I never had such a bumpy ride ever in my life before, I thought. My endurance level slowly faded and I pulled the hand brake, stopped the car and drove on my own till the destination. The two ladies who were soundly asleep at the back of the car were also woken up by the sudden stop. I had wondered how they could sleep so peacefully when my heart was in my mouth, though my sister claimed that she had lesser sleep the previous night. We reached our destination past mid day.

So many other things happened in the middle, it’s kind of vague now…..And…. It was almost dark when we finished eating, we had wasted too much of time choosing the spot. When I suddenly felt so thirsty I had asked my sister to get me a bottle of water from the shop nearby. After a while, I saw a group of people running towards us. As I watched them come closer, I realized it was my sister who was being chased by a group of familiar faced men. I couldn't recognize them instantly, but later when I was out of the situation, I realized they were some popular faces.

My sister was panting. I asked her what happened and why these people were after her. She told me that she had some argument over the price of the water with the shopkeeper and the shopkeeper sent the whole bunch of people to beat her up. I was kind of shocked that this was happening in our country, I had never heard of one. Luckily the village headman was after them and he solved the issue without my sister getting beaten.

After a hurried thank you to the village headman, we rushed towards the car and drove hastily towards Thimphu. In the car my sister explained to me, how the argument started. She told me how the shopkeeper over reacted when she explained that overcharging is wrong. The shopkeeper sold the bottle of water for Nu 50 which had a printed price of Nu. 20 only, she alleged.  We were too engrossed in our talk that we hadn't noticed two big vehicles following us. I don’t exactly remember the make.

One of the vehicles speed-ed ahead of us while the other one was still following.  The vehicle which was ahead of us stopped when we reached a dense forest.  When we realized we were being followed, we were already surrounded by ten huge people wearing black dresses and boots. They were the same people who were chasing my sister a while ago. We were all trapped, the four of us, we screamed for help, but there were no sign of any people, forget people the place didn't even seem to have animals. They tied us to a huge tree, we cried and cried. They asked us to shut up. The only good thing they did was they didn't hit us. Amongst the ten tall men, I recognized one of them, he was one of my old school buddies, he didn't even seem to know me there, I tried to introduce myself to him, he just pretended not to hear. I was so annoyed with his audacity.

It was dark, really dark, the wind was very cold. We froze even with thick jackets. These ten men started to play cards while watching us from a distance. I thought we were going to die there tied to the tree.

Abruptly, an idea stuck me, a phone call. I searched for my phone, I thought it was in my jacket pocket, but it wasn't there. My sister had her's luckily, but as my hands were tied, it was really difficult to take out the phone from her jacket. After few hours of trying, my mouth, well my teeth to be precise, successfully took out the phone. I threw the phone on the floor and dialed 113 with my toes. I felt like a genius, seriously. As I dialed 113, the cop on duty picked up the phone from the other end after few rings. 

Unfortunately, one the men in black saw me bending and talking over the phone and before I could tell the cop our location, all ten of them came rushing. At this time, I realized the few of them were some contestants of the Indian Reality TV show, big boss 8, few others were some bollywood singers including Lucky Ali. (I had read about Lucky Ali’s performance in Bhutan come February :P in the morning)

Frustrated, the men started untying us, I was pretty sure they are going to bury us live. Just then, I heard the cop car siren in a distance. The most irritating sound seemed like the most amazing sound at that time, I was so happy though I couldn't understand how the cops could locate us. However, the men in black didn't seem to bother at all. The sound became more clear now but the car and the cops were still invisible and more surprisingly, the men in black were still around us instead of running away.

As the sound came closer, my ear started hurting. I happened to turn around to see my dearest mom’s smiling face on the phone. Hurriedly, I woke up and thanked her for being my savior even in my dreams. ^_ ^.. 

This was a dream I couldn't help sharing here. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

And then you left …….

Every one of us know that our time in this world is limited and that eventually all of us will sleep a never ending sleep and never wake up again. Yet the lost of a loved one or of someone you know always leave you saddened with too many questions unanswered and too many unfulfilled wishes. October 9, 2014 will always remain a very sad day for our family. A day of great lost, a day we lost our hero, the head of our family, the guide, the support, the backbone. My grandfather was 82 years old when he left us only with fondest memories. A short epistle of love I have for you here:

My Dearest Baaju (that’s how I called my grandfather),

Right now, there are so many things I have in mind to tell you, so many wishes, so many thanksgiving words, how I wish I could express all I feel for/about you and all I have to tell to you in words.

Anyhow, well, firstly I am not sad for you now because I know that you are in a better place, an uncontaminated place both by mortal and immortal stuffs, more importantly a place where you deserve to be. I know you are surrounded by angels, you are in the best of your health and you are encircled with abundance of all that you need.  I know this because you were a great being with the purest of heart, you grew up in a place where you were never taught about anything like this, yet you had that in you, HUMANITY. I also know god always watched over you and he definitely had greater plans for you. And I also know you are watching over us right now.

For us, who have been left behind, it’s so strange, the place we lived in doesn't seem ordinary at all, still can’t believe you aren't there in person, we are all so lost without you. Having said that, I would like to acknowledge that you have set a clear way ahead for us. Your hard work, your love for us, the values you have entrusted on us, the lessons and knowledge you have bestowed to us will always play a very important role in our lives.

I feel truly honoured to have known you, to have been a part of your wonderful family and to have been blessed by you. You remind me that my time on this beautiful earth is limited; I shouldn't waste my time on anything else but being good, being honest and being compassionate. Thank you dear Baaju for making me who I am today. You are always there in our prayers. I only wish to be reborn as your granddaughter for all the generations to come.

With much Love and Respect,
Yours always a granddaughter, Cheychey (that's how my grandfather called me).

P.S ~ On behalf of my family and the great soul himself, I would like to convey my heartiest appreciation and gratitude to all family and friends who were there to support and assist us during this painful phase of our life. We shall remain ever grateful. Thank you very much. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

‘Salman Khan’- My Super Star ^ - ^

No doubt he is the most, yes THE MOST handsome, well maintained and the most kind-hearted Bollywood actor of all times.  I am his great, if not the greatest fan. I love this actor immensely, it’s not just his movies, everything about him is different, so are my feelings for him. I grew up watching his movies, I watched almost all of his movies, I still do. The funniest thing is, I cannot/don’t rate his movies because it’s just about him and there’s nothing I dislike about him. I totally adore this man.

Photo Credit -  Being Human webpage
Another work of him that makes me more of his fan is the ‘Being human’ initiative. Through this charitable foundation, he helps millions of vulnerable and underprivileged people, thousands of them every day. Be it orphans, victims of natural calamities or victims of any other misfortune, changing lives of people is his intent. He is a star who makes me trust and love humankind more.

Further, I am simply amazed by the number of people whose lives Salman has touched. Every show he is being invited to, there are people who simply burst into tears out of respect for this super star. Overly Good Looking, Strong, Funny, Humble, Also Arrogant and Insensitive (when he has to), this actor has never disappointed me in any way.

I watch every show featuring him on TV, buy and read every magazine which has a cover picture of him, listen to all of his songs, watch and read every being human shows, visit being human showrooms whenever I can and watch all of his movies. ^ _ ^

Currently, I follow him on Big Boss 8 :P, a reality show which is aired on Colours channel at 9:30PM BST. It makes me happy, the thought of getting to see this star every weekend J

Ah A Handsome Poser <3 Photo Credit  - internet
God Bless the Macho Man and Sincere Prayers and Best wishes for his charitable works. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Autumn: My favourite Season is finally here [Winks]

Photo Credit - Google
Autumn is the third season of a year after summer and before winter. It is my favorite season because it makes me fall in love with nature more deeply. I love the smell of it. It makes me happy and just happier.

Seven reasons why I love Autumn:

 1. The Climate and the Surrounding:

Beautiful Thimphu ^-^ in one of the Autumn mornings!

Autumn has the most pleasant weather conditions. I love the yellow leaves, the fruiting trees, the harvesting time, the weather - neither too cold, nor too hot, cool breeze, lesser rain. No one needs fire or heater to keep them warm neither does anyone need to shower every single hour to get rid of heat and humidity.  It’s the perfect picnic season, perfect season to go on walks – both romantic and unromantic. :)
2. The Festivals and the Holidays:

It’s a festive season, a series of government holidays fall in this season – Starts with (1) the Blessed Rainy day – this idea of taking the annual holy bath has always amused me, I mean it’s wonderful, it feels different taking a shower that day, it is assumed to clean our soul, rinse all our sins along with the body’s debris. (2) the Royal Wedding anniversary – I just love my king and the queen – the best looking and kind hearted couple they are. I just wish them more and more love each passing year. (3) the Thimphu Drupchen and Tshechu – it’s kind of embarrassing to mention but I have not been to a Tshechu and seen those mask dances and other stuffs live for long, not after I turned a teenager. But the tshechu discounts are awesome :P (4) Dasara and Diwali – Ah this is awesome again. Family time, getting blessings from elderly, Gifts, yummy delicious foods, prayers, celebration, etc etc and finally ends with His Majesty, the fourth king’s Birthday which is also celebrated as the Children’s day.

3.  Other reasons:

Photo Credit - Google
I love the idea of falling leaves towards the end of the season. It surely indicates that winter is approaching but it also says something else. It’s something like a new beginning, letting go of things that doesn’t go well with you anymore. Plus, for no particular reason, I love the names of the months - September, October and November. It’s just so ear pleasing. 

4.  The clothes:
Loving my fav season!
I love the clothes I get to wear in autumn, my favorite set of dresses. Long skirts/dresses, cardigans, Long Jeans, thin sweaters, pump shoes. N I also love my skin in autumn, not too oily, not too dry, it remains simply perfect.

5.  Lesser calamities:

Ah, after a long season of never-ending floods and landslides and casualties, road blocks, road accidents caused by slippery roads, autumn is a more peaceful season. Winter, being a dry season brings forest fires again destroying houses of hundreds of innocent living beings.

6.   Photography:
Photo Credit ~ Google
Photography is a beautiful thing by itself but autumn adds beauty to it. The beautiful morning sun rise scenery, the falling leaves scenery, the yellow flower like leaves picture, the morning and evening walk views, the sunset. Everything is so beautiful about autumn. :)

7.   My Birthday:

My birthday falls on October. October 8 to be precise J I love my birthday; I mean I know everyone does, but it’s a different feeling. Of course it means that I am growing a year older, but it also means I am growing wiser, I know more things than I did last year and most importantly, it would be a new beginning. I also love writing down reviews of my previous year and setting goals/ resolutions for the coming year. Apart from the birthday gifts, I also love the celebrations I have with my loved ones. :)

Wish you all a Happy and a bright Autumn J

Monday, August 25, 2014

A month that was ......

People usually mistake being busy with being productive. I personally thought people who looked busy were probably the most productive ones. However, I have a different view on this now, being busy doesn't necessarily mean one is being productive.

I realize, that productivity has absolutely nothing to do with how much you do, it has everything to do with how much you accomplish. I had this one long month, a really busy one, where I had to lengthen my working hours, compromise family and fun times, sacrifice my sleep, let go of things of my interest and much more. At the end of the month, I realize I actually couldn't accomplish anything, I couldn't meet the deadlines, I couldn't meet people I had to, I had not held discussions, I hadn't prepared a good report. My busy month turned out to be quite unproductive, even for my personal development and my personal relations.

The whole month, I wrote my diary the next day in office, where I used to forget many of my earlier day’s activities. By the time I reached home, I used to be fully exhausted that I only craved for food and bed. 

Well, I am not the most important person in my office yet I always have plenty of works to do and July was just extra ordinary. I couldn't finish my works in office, I brought them home, I did them in the weekends, I attended discussions on Sunday. I forgot to call my parents, when they did I had lesser things to talk to them about, I didn't attend gatherings, my friends thought I was ignoring them, they gave me names like President Obama’s PA, honey bee, etc etc. I hardly had time for my resolutions, I couldn't read, where did I have the time? I didn't do my prayers and meditation because I woke up late after a tiring day, I couldn't buy chocolates for the kids in the neighborhood because by the time I reached home it would be their bed time, I couldn't write any articles for my blog, I couldn't visit a parlor(Oh No, i looked ugly :P), I couldn't learn anything new the entire month.
When I actually realized I was being unproductive despite being so busy, I went to see my boss. I told him that I think I’m being overburdened with work and even after sacrificing my weekends and other leisure times, I cannot complete them. I had a feeling the he would be disappointed and would label me as uncommitted but surprisingly, when I explained him the entire thing, he instantly agreed to it.

Exactly me in July :P Photo Credit ~ Google
The lessons I learnt:
  1. You should never take more than you can handle:  I should have informed my boss that I already have too much work on my table and I can’t take any other additional works.
  2. When you are busy, you tend to procrastinate more, work less efficiently ultimately leading to lesser work done than usual.
  3. You should never be too busy in the expense of seconding your family and friends.
  4.   Health is very important.
  5.  Resolutions aren't just for noting down.

Friday, July 25, 2014

My MOM - My Angel, My Wonderwoman and My World - A Poem

July has been a super super busy month for me, I feel bad, I couldn't  follow many of my resolutions. I am going to write an article about this sooner.

Last night as I checked my bookshelf to search a document, I saw an old note which was basically a collection of Articles and Poems which never got published (:P). And I selected my favorite one for you J

Photo Credit ~ Google

Darkness was all I could see
A home for 9 months I had to be
Suffocated and frustrated I cried
To see the world outside, so bright

How stupid of me to have not known
The pains of my mom, though she had not shown
She gave me everything I needed
Love and Care without my single request

My mom carried a wide smile on her face
Though her eyes showed the pain
I moved here and I moved there
I made her feel more and more pain

When everyone was so busy on their own
My mom cared for me without any frown
She talked to me and felt me every time
Though she always worried about my appearance

I gave her more pain when I came out
My mom cried with a smile again
I came out, my worries gone
For my mom, the battle has just begun

Monday, June 16, 2014

A Tribute to the World’s Greatest Dad – My Dad ^ - ^ on the Father’s Day (June 15, 2014)

Photo Credit ~ Google
Ah, what do I say about you Apa, you are truly the best dad, the best 'est' one could ever have, one would always wish to have. On this Father’s day, I would like you to know why you are the best one for me and for our family. I could state 1000s of reasons but I will keep it to 50 (you are going to turn 50 this August ):

1.  You are too Cool;
2.  You are very Honest;
3. You are extremely Funny; 
4. You are too Kind and Patient with us;
5. You are very Supportive;
6. You are very Loyal to mommy and the fact you Love her makes me love and respect you more;
7. You make me want to search for a Man like you;
8. You mean everything you say and you never make false promises- My dad is a Man of Words;
9. You are very Reliable and Trustworthy – everyone can count on you.
10.  You listen to us no matter how buzy you are and guide us to the right way;
11. You are very Sporty and Active;
12.  You are Grateful for what you have in your life, which is the reason why I feel grateful too;
13.  All Animals love you, my Dad; You know how crazy Puppy is about you :)
14. All kids love you, my Dad;
15. You Help people when they are in need; that’s the reason People respect you!
16.  You know how to have a Good time;
17. You have always been my most reliable Financial Supporter;
18.  You are very Hardworking and Strong;
19.  You are a very Good Friend;
20. You never Complain;
21. When you talk, you think first;
22.  You are very Humble;
23.  You help us Shop; told you, you are cool ;)
24. You are a Great Human Being; I am proud of you Apa!
25.  You are an Awesome Son and a super Awesome Brother;

26.  You are a fabulous Teacher;
27. You are a great Husband;
28. You are a Super duper Amazing Father;
29.  You never ask for anything, even if I beg you to tell me what you want;
30.  You are very Passionate about life;
31. You are a very Confident and a Bold Man;
32. You always let me do what I want to;
33. You let me live my dreams;
34. You look at me and tell me that I am Beautiful; you make me feel good J
35. You never raised a hand on me; when you did, it was either to hug me or pat me on my back;
36. You never stopped to talk to me (not even for few hours) even when I made the biggest mistakes;
37. You bought me everything I ever asked for;
38. You bought us pastries whenever you went to town for shopping and few times when you didn't, you made excellent excuses so that we wouldn't be hurt; (When we were kids);
39. You were always the shield to protect us from Mommy’s beatings (You are the best one too Mom :P);
40.  You believe in your Children, their interest, their dreams;
41.  You are wise;
42. You tell great Stories;
43. You serve our family, you protect us!
44. You are a great cook; - I miss your fish curry every time.
45. You never forced me to do things I didn't want to do; Remember, you wanted me to join a Taekwondo class in school, you didn't force me when I told you I didn't want to;
46. You never shout at your children;
47. You are a great fun to be with; your friends and colleagues say so, you dance, you sing, you make them laugh. You make it lively – every occasion;
48. I love the fact that you still tease mommy and make her blush;
49. You always respect my privacy;
50.  You are my Dad. The best Dad in the world.  You are my super hero; my superman.

I just want you to know that you mean the world to me, to us. I am truly blessed to be born as your daughter. Thank you so much Apa for being the best dad ever. I will take care of you always, Love you more than ever and make you proud.

Happy Father's Day. :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kolkata City through my Lens ;)

These are few things you dare not miss if you are in Kolkata City, India ;)

Dakshineswar Kali Temple is one of the most sacred Hindu temples [Prayers] Pic Source - Google
A ride in the Sexy yellow cabs of Kolkata - its cool ;)Pic Source - Google
The Famous Yummy Misty :)Pic Source - Google

Soda Shicanji - The Organic Soda :)

Nicco Park - an Amusement Park 

Science City - A treat to your eyes. Trust me its amazing  

Victoria Memorial - Well who doesnt know about it right, but believe me its not over rated, it is actually amazing
Zoological Garden - India's Oldest.Pic Source - Google
N Shopping & Movies - There are numbers of good shopping malls and Movie Theaters ;) don't miss it! Pic Source - Google

10 Lessons I learnt from a STRANGER

One lazy Sunday morning, I was laying idle with nothing to do, I had just completed a book and had no new one to read. The rain had just stopped after continuously pouring the whole night, the sun had risen. I opened the curtain and looked out of the window, I could see little children crying, their elder brothers/sister playing, their mothers doing laundry, their fathers playing archery, some other ladies dancing and cheering them up. As I still laid down watching them, all with beautiful smiles, I wondered what these people were thinking, what they were going through, their dreams, their hopes, their life purposes and expectations.
The night before I had just thought about my own, had got a little frustrated, a little worried, a little excited, feeling luckier compared to the disadvantaged people at the same time unluckier compared to the advantaged ones.
I woke up, went to the wash room, made myself a cup of tea and turned on the Television to check if there was anything interesting. A show caught my attention. It was a talent show. People were show casing their talent, each one better than the other and then I watched this amazing lady dance for 10 minutes with one leg.
As I watched her, I noticed how graceful she was, so beautiful with such pretty eyes and her dance was just amazing, I didn’t even close my eyes for a second. I was once again left stunned by God’s amazing creation, the extra ordinary talent the lady was being blessed with, when god doesn’t give a person something, he substitutes it with something else, something more wonderful. After the dance, as she received people’s standing ovation and applause, she was being asked by the ‘still startled’ judges if she was born like that. With a wide smile, which made her look even more beautiful, she answered she lost her leg in an accident in 2009 when she was returning from a dance class.
I had thought the lady was just born like that and god had given her a special inborn talent. But it wasn’t true. She was born like I was. She was just 23 when she lost her leg. Life was just so cruel to her. She said she loved dancing more than anything else. A dancer losing a leg is unthinkable, it’s just absurd. I felt so bad that I started crying, I thought it was very unfair for her. Suddenly, the issues that I was facing didn’t seem cruel at all.
However, the optimism the lady had in her eyes, in her speech, the determination she had was just unbelievable. She had not only learnt how to dance with one leg, but she had also learnt how to live happily irrespective of the circumstances she had been put in by life. Most importantly, she has not given up her dream to become a dancer; she had not given up dancing just because she lost her one leg. After she finished talking, there was a smile in my face, I just felt so grateful I watched the show, even more grateful I knew a lady like her existed.
 Here are ten lessons that all of us can learn from her:
1. You are not alone in your problems

Photo Credit ~ Google
Sometimes, when we are having our hard times in life, we feel like we are the only ones having such problems and difficulties, while everyone out there is having a great life. This is not true at all. Everyone faces problems/troubles in life and there are chances that some are even worse than what you are facing. Don’t feel that you are alone because you are not.
In 2009, I remember crying over a breakup, feeling like that could be the worst thing that can happen to anyone. And the irony is, in some corner of the world, a dancer had lost her leg.

2. You must have your own goals and dreams:
Never stop dreaming no matter what. The lady had a dream, she wanted to become a dancer and even in the midst of all the difficult situations, she pushed on, kept trying and got to where she is today, a dancer who dances so elegantly with one leg. She earns a living by dancing.
3. Let go of the things that can’t be changed
Sometimes there are things in life that can’t be changed no matter what you do. For example in the lady’s case, she couldn't change her being handicapped, but she didn’t choose to remain useless instead focused on her dreams and became a dancer as she always wanted to. So, it’s important to focus on the things that can be changed, let go of the things that can’t. The more you hang on to things which can’t be changed, the unhappier you will be. 
4. Bad things can also happen to good people:
Photo Credit ~ Google
Bad things can happen to good, innocent people most of the time. You don’t have to do any wrong for wrong things to happen to you.
5. A healthy self-image and self respect is very important:
If you love yourself unconditionally, if you respect yourself and know what kind of person you really are deep inside, no situation/circumstances in life can change or demolish you. The lady lost one of her legs, she had a choice, she could have remained behind closed doors or could have remained idle, she had a supportive family, yet she didn't. She started to learn dancing with one leg again. She knew she is much better than that. She loved herself and this helped her stand proudly in front of the world.
6. Never criticize people for their physical appearances:
Photo Credit ~ Google
Some people just have a habit of casually criticizing people about their appearances not realizing how they would feel. It’s not the appearances of people that define them, it’s their inner self which does. People try to act tough and unaffected when they are being criticized about the way they look, but in reality, this sort of criticism always matter and it always hurts. 
7. Let no one define you:

You are worth more than what people say or think of you. You will meet different people in life, some people who will bring out the best in you and others who will always discourage and demotivate you. Don’t let anyone define you, your life or your future.   

As she told her story with a beautiful smiling face, she said it was not easy for her. Though her family supported her every time, there were people who told her that she will never accomplish anything great in life and she should just stay the same as anybody else. And now she earns a living by dancing and she is no ordinary. 

8. Life’s struggles are necessary for growth:

Life’s struggles are important for an individual’s growth. Without them, we cannot grow into the person that we are meant to be, we cannot be the best versions of us. Struggles not only make us stronger, better and kinder people, they also let us learn more about ourselves and our life purposes.

9. Family is your most reliable source of support in any situation:
Family is the most important people in your life and the most reliable source of support no matter what happens to you. The love from your family is unconditional. So keep them close to your heart, love them unconditionally because at the end of the day, its only them.
10. Be grateful always and choose to be happy:
Regardless of your circumstances, always be grateful. Be thankful, because no matter how bad things are now, they could always be worse. The fact that you are alive, with a roof over your head and 3 meals a day to eat means that you are much better off than a significant portion of the world’s population. Sometimes, it’s hard for us to realize that because we are surrounded by richer, better and happier people. This isn’t true. So, be grateful for the problems that you get to face in life, they remind you of how good your life really is.
And choose to be happy because happiness is always a choice.
Photo Credit ~ Google

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Travelling tips ;)

It is always a great idea to travel light so you can be comfortable and at ease. What to carry and what not to carry really depends on the type of holiday/visit you are planning, the destination, climate and the duration. 
I have prepared a quick list of essentials to carry, to help you to have a wonderful trip ;)

1.    Travel Documents:

The first things to put in your luggage are your travel documents, the passport, visa (if required) and flight tickets. It is always mindful to carry a city map and the address of the place you are visiting if you are visiting the place for the first time.

If you are on a business trip, make sure your laptop or the drives are packed in case you need to make a presentation or write a report. You have an additional advantage of it though, you can watch movies if you are bored or too tired to go out. Pack up the chargers too. It would be wise to carry extra passport size photos, you never know when you need them.

2. Clothes and Shoes:

You must know how many and what types of clothes to pack. Those depend on where you are going, what activities you are planning and the duration of your stay there. Apart from it, a swim suit (for people who love/know how to swim), a comfortable pair of sleepers, a cardigan/a Stole (Even if the place is hot/humid) and a night dress. Wear something comfortable while travelling, I would recommend pants over dresses.

3. Travel Kit:

Cosmetics and Toiletries are the most important stuffs to carry while travelling. Here I mean your toothbrush and the paste, your cream, your shampoo, face wash, hair brush, perfume, your make up sets, sanitary napkins, etc. I even carry ear buds, toothpick, toilet paper, sunscreen, Lip balms, body lotion, hand cream, face towel and Sunglasses.

4. A Smart Phone:

Besides making phone calls, the advantages of a smart phone over a basic phone are undeniable.
Make sure you have packed your smart phone. You need not carry many things if you have a smart phone. Whether you want to play games, catch your favorite TV show, take pictures, making a To Do list, a shopping list, use as an alarm clock and a watch, listen to your favorite music, a smart phone is all you need.

Carry extra batteries, chargers, head phone and cables as well.

5.   First Aid Needs:

Always carry a first aid kit for just in case, you get a headache or catch flu. I make sure I carry drugs for headache/flu, stomach disorders, also vitamins, Band-Aid, ointment, hand sanitizer, a balm and a mouth mask. These are a necessity for me.

6.  A Good Book and a dairy:

I tell you, nothing is a better travel companion than a good book. I cannot travel without books, it’s just incomplete.^ - ^ Carry a good book and you will know what I mean here. I also maintain a dairy, so I carry one always, where ever I go, I can take note of new things, new places, new dishes, shopping malls, and I  also use my dairy as my budgetary note.  Carry a pen always.

7. Gifts and Thank-You Cards:

You can always carry small gifts and thank you cards, kind of souvenirs. You meet some kind, helpful people around and you may like to give it as a token of appreciation. It just makes me feel good. :)

8. Money:

You need to carry some handy cash and ATM, debit or credit cards. It’s always recommendable to carry more money than you think you will need for safety reasons. However, you should manage your money wisely.

9. Eatables:

It is always a wise idea to carry some eatables like noodles, chocolates, candies or even homemade food esp. if you are travelling to a country whose food habits are completely different from yours. Of course you need to explore, try new dishes but in case nothing works, you may just need to stay in your room and eat what has been brought else you would just starve.  

10. Miscellaneous:

Apart from the above, you may also like to carry a tiny flashlight (esp. for Ladies), address book, guide book, visiting cards. 
avoir un bon voyage ;)