Wednesday, March 12, 2014

10 WEIRD Things That I have in Me...

1.  I cannot remember a person’s face unless I meet him/her for several times. On the contrary, I can even remember a stranger’s birthday. I just have to know it once. 

2.   I am a Typical Hydrophobic. I have improved a lot now though, I can get into a bath tub, I can close my eyes when I wash my face, I can go to beaches for walk. A few years ago, I couldn't even take a glimpse of the clean beautiful deep blue rivers/lakes, I always felt like I would be washed away or drowned or someone would push me from behind. I even assumed that I died of drowning in my previous generation which is quite weird. :D  I suddenly began to realize what I was missing and before I regret, I started going to river banks, beaches, waterfalls though it scared the hell out of me. It still does but I realize not only essential, Water is one of the most beautiful creations. Of late, when I meditate I close my eyes and imagine deep blue water with its beautiful components (which are usually lotus flowers, colorful fishes and cranes); it helps me battle my fear.

3.  I cannot hate or dislike a person for more than 6 months (which means I forgive people fast) because I don’t even remember their faces after that period of time (which means I forget people fast too). Hek hek.

4. I prefer drinking hot tea to juices, water and ice cream even when the temperature has risen to 40 degree Celsius. (I am not referring to morning/evening tea here).

5.  I still crave for Cerelac. (Cerelac is a brand of instant cereal made by Nestlé. The cereal is promoted for infants 6 months and older as a supplement to breast milk when it is no longer the sole item in an infant's diet.)

6. I cannot eat Biscuits without dipping it in Tea. Wait before you conclude, I still have all 32 teeth which are still strong.

7.  I eat and do dishes like a snail (it takes me hours) but I can finish up all other works within no time (my hands automatically move fast, I wonder why???).

8. I laugh on my own remembering something funny from like two years ago. Then, when I try to make myself stop laughing, I just end up laughing more. AND I never explain to anyone what I remembered.

9.  I listen to a song over and over again until I get sick of it.

10. I have this habit. I am usually halfway to my destination and I can't let go of that nagging feeling of not remembering locking the door, turning off the gas stove, locking the car, etc. I have to go back to check even if I exactly know that I just locked the door/car or put off the stove, closed my windows. I just wish I can let go of this feeling.