Thursday, May 29, 2014

Travelling tips ;)

It is always a great idea to travel light so you can be comfortable and at ease. What to carry and what not to carry really depends on the type of holiday/visit you are planning, the destination, climate and the duration. 
I have prepared a quick list of essentials to carry, to help you to have a wonderful trip ;)
1.    Travel Documents:

The first things to put in your baggage are your travel documents, the passport, visa (if required) and flight tickets. It is always mindful to carry a city map and the address of the place you are visiting if you are visiting the place for the first time.

If you are on a business trip, make sure your laptop or the drives are packed in case you need to make a presentation or write a report. You have an additional advantage of it though, you can watch movies if you are bored or too tired to go out. Pack up the chargers too. It would be wise to carry extra passport size photos, you never know when you need them.

2. Clothes and Shoes:

You must know how many and what types of clothes and shoes to pack. Those depend on where you are going, what activities you are planning and the duration of your stay there. Apart from it, a swim suit (for people who love/know how to swim), a comfortable pair of sleepers, a cardigan/a Stole (Even if the place is hot/humid) and a night dress. Wear something comfortable while travelling, I would recommend pants over dresses.

3. Travel Kit:

Cosmetics and Toiletries are the most important stuffs to carry while travelling. Here I mean
 your toothbrush and the paste, your cream, your shampoo, face wash, hair brush, perfume, your make up sets, sanitary napkins, etc. I even carry ear buds, toothpick, toilet paper, sunscreen, Lip balms, body lotion, hand cream, face towel and Sunglasses.

4. A Smart Phone:

Besides making phone calls, the advantages of a smart phone over a basic phone are undeniable. Make sure you have packed your smart phone. You need not carry many things if you have a smart phone. Whether you want to play games, catch your favorite TV show, take pictures, making a To Do list, a shopping list, use as an alarm clock and a watch, listen to your favorite music, a smart phone is all you need. Carry extra batteries, chargers, head phone and cables as well.

5.   First Aid Needs:

Always carry a first aid kit for just in case, you get a headache or catch flu. I make sure I carry drugs for headache/flu, stomach disorders, also vitamins, Band-Aid, ointment, hand sanitizer, a balm and a mouth mask. These are a necessity for me.

6.  A Good Book and a dairy:

I tell you, nothing is a better travel companion than a good book. I cannot travel without books, it’s just incomplete.^ - ^ Carry a good book and you will know what I mean here. I also maintain a dairy, so I carry one always, where ever I go, I can take note of new things, new places, new dishes, shopping malls, and I also use my dairy as my budgetary note. Carry a pen.

7. Gifts and Thank-You Cards:

You can always carry small gifts and thank you cards, kind of souvenirs. You meet some kind, helpful people around and you may like to give it as a token of appreciation. It just makes me feel good. :)

8. Money:

You need to carry some handy cash and ATM, debit or credit cards. It’s always recommendable to carry more money than you think you will need for safety reasons. However, you should manage your money wisely.

9. Eatables:

It is always a wise idea to carry some eatables like noodles, chocolates, candies or even homemade food esp. if you are travelling to a country whose food habits are completely different from yours. Of course you need to explore, try new dishes but in case nothing works, you may just need to stay in your room and eat what has been brought else you would just starve.  

10. Miscellaneous:

Apart from the above, you may also like to carry a tiny flashlight (esp. for Ladies), address book, guide book, visiting cards as well. 
avoir un bon voyage ;)