Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The most beautiful part of my Life that helps me keep going.

Throughout all our life stages, our home and family life represent an essential set of relationships. They encourage us, inspire and shine a light on areas of our lives that we may be too busy to see on a regular basis.

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The most amazing asset I have in my life of which I am very proud of is “My Family”. My family is the reason that keeps me moving forward in life, no matter where I am in whatever situation, they inspire me and provide me all their love and support that wakes me up again and makes me feel luckier than anyone else. I thank god everyday for this wonderful decision and I shall always remain indebted. J I have a Grandfather (Paternal), a Grandmother (Maternal), dad, mom, a younger brother and a younger sister, not forgetting my wonderful uncles, aunties and cousins.

"You didn't ask for them, you can't change them, and yet of all the people on earth they're likely to know you best and be the most important to you."

My grandparents are the backbone of my family. My parents say without their blessings, nothing can go right. I am fortunate to have such lovely grandparents. They spoil us too much with their unconditional love, kindness, stories, comfort and lot more. As I see them growing older, their wrinkled face, their grey hair, their falling tooth L just make my heart ache. I just have two grandparents. I lost my paternal grandmother in 2012 (L) and never met my maternal grandfather as he had expired before I was born. My mother used to tell us stories about his kindness and courage.

Well, let me introduce my maternal grandmother to you first. She is an angel, the most important part of our family who had raised all three of us when our mom and dad were busy with their official works. She is one generous person I know and from whom I have learnt a lot about humanity. She is a super strong woman with the sweetest smile. Our family is incomplete without her. I have to keep her happy in any way. :)
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I had grown more close to my paternal grandfather after we lost our grandmother. He was left very lonely after that and maybe this is how we grew more closer. Earlier, we met each other only once a year. In addition to that, we had no mobile network in our village (where my grandparents stayed) so we hardly had any contact but of course remembered each other always. We just had two school breaks (summer and winter), we hardly traveled during summer because of the road conditions, it used to remain blocked for weeks. It was only during the winter breaks we met but my smart grandfather used to visit our place quite frequently. However, now we are being connected by the amazing technology called the mobile phones (:D) every few days and whenever there are short holidays, I make it a point to visit him because I have realized that it means a lot to him.

My dad is a super cool one. I call him Apa. J One thing of him that wonders me so much is the kind of patience he has with his children. He never raised his hands on me as a father but he did hit me once when I failed to show proper measurement of a brick (an assignment given to us) when he hit the whole class. He was my science teacher then. :D I have never seen him get mad with us and he never asked me reasons for any of my wrong doings since a kid instead, he has been supportive of all the decisions I made. He never even asked me why I scored less in exam or why I chose that particular job. He has such an excellent sense of humour and I admire him totally. J I will always remain grateful for the love and support he always rendered. I will love him more with every passing day.

My mom is a complete sweet heart, who is equally beautiful on the outside. A perfect wife, a perfect daughter, a perfect in-law and a perfect super mom, she inspires me in every way. She used to be the Hitler of our family once, quite strict :P (sorry mommy). But we needed someone like her with a father like ours. She was responsible for maintaining disciple in our family, teaching us manners, love and respect. As I grew she turned out to be my best friend, a best friend who was there to hear my sad stories, my failures and to support me and help me stand up again. A best friend who always respected my privacy, she never asked about whom I dated or why did I choose X, Y, Z as my best friend. I owe her a lot and I will be there for her every day and give her everything she deserves.

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My brother is next; he is two years younger than me. He looks as hard as a rock on his outer but is actually as soft as a jelly inside. :D  His love for animals just amazes me and this completely set him apart from the rest. He loves me a lot but always pretends not to when we are together, that’s why we land up arguing always when we are together and regret it when we are away. We have lots of fun times together teasing each other, teasing our mother and seeing her blush. We are simply made to be each other’s sibling. J

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My sister is my best friend. She is a beautiful and smart lady, a fashionista  :D, who always has her own say. I completely adore her choices and her decisions. She loves shopping and I wonder how someone can shop to that extend. The way she supports me throughout, make me laugh with her silly jokes, the emotional texts she send me when we are not together, her afford to make me feel good about myself, no one can ever do that for me and that’s the reason why I cannot imagine my life without her. She is simply the greatest gift of GOD.

That’s my family. The most important gift you can give to your family is your time, be there for them when they need you. Make a promise with me now. :)