Monday, June 16, 2014

A Tribute to the World’s Greatest Dad – My Dad ^ - ^ on the Father’s Day (June 15, 2014)

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Ah, what do I say about you Apa, you are truly the best dad, the best 'est' one could ever have, one would always wish to have. On this Father’s day, I would like you to know why you are the best one for me and for our family. I could state 1000s of reasons but I will keep it to 50 (you are going to turn 50 this August ):

1.  You are too Cool;
2.  You are very Honest;
3. You are extremely Funny; 
4. You are too Kind and Patient with us;
5. You are very Supportive;
6. You are very Loyal to mommy and the fact you Love her makes me love and respect you more;
7. You make me want to search for a Man like you;
8. You mean everything you say and you never make false promises- My dad is a Man of Words;
9. You are very Reliable and Trustworthy – everyone can count on you.
10.  You listen to us no matter how buzy you are and guide us to the right way;
11. You are very Sporty and Active;
12.  You are Grateful for what you have in your life, which is the reason why I feel grateful too;
13.  All Animals love you, my Dad; You know how crazy Puppy is about you :)
14. All kids love you, my Dad;
15. You Help people when they are in need; that’s the reason People respect you!
16.  You know how to have a Good time;
17. You have always been my most reliable Financial Supporter;
18.  You are very Hardworking and Strong;
19.  You are a very Good Friend;
20. You never Complain;
21. When you talk, you think first;
22.  You are very Humble;
23.  You help us Shop; told you, you are cool ;)
24. You are a Great Human Being; I am proud of you Apa!
25.  You are an Awesome Son and a super Awesome Brother;

26.  You are a fabulous Teacher;
27. You are a great Husband;
28. You are a Super duper Amazing Father;
29.  You never ask for anything, even if I beg you to tell me what you want;
30.  You are very Passionate about life;
31. You are a very Confident and a Bold Man;
32. You always let me do what I want to;
33. You let me live my dreams;
34. You look at me and tell me that I am Beautiful; you make me feel good J
35. You never raised a hand on me; when you did, it was either to hug me or pat me on my back;
36. You never stopped to talk to me (not even for few hours) even when I made the biggest mistakes;
37. You bought me everything I ever asked for;
38. You bought us pastries whenever you went to town for shopping and few times when you didn't, you made excellent excuses so that we wouldn't be hurt; (When we were kids);
39. You were always the shield to protect us from Mommy’s beatings (You are the best one too Mom :P);
40.  You believe in your Children, their interest, their dreams;
41.  You are wise;
42. You tell great Stories;
43. You serve our family, you protect us!
44. You are a great cook; - I miss your fish curry every time.
45. You never forced me to do things I didn't want to do; Remember, you wanted me to join a Taekwondo class in school, you didn't force me when I told you I didn't want to;
46. You never shout at your children;
47. You are a great fun to be with; your friends and colleagues say so, you dance, you sing, you make them laugh. You make it lively – every occasion;
48. I love the fact that you still tease mommy and make her blush;
49. You always respect my privacy;
50.  You are my Dad. The best Dad in the world.  You are my super hero; my superman.

I just want you to know that you mean the world to me, to us. I am truly blessed to be born as your daughter. Thank you so much Apa for being the best dad ever. I will take care of you always, Love you more than ever and make you proud.

Happy Father's Day. :)