Monday, August 25, 2014

A month that was ......

People usually mistake being busy with being productive. I personally thought people who looked busy were probably the most productive ones. However, I have a different view on this now, being busy doesn't necessarily mean one is being productive.

I realize, that productivity has absolutely nothing to do with how much you do, it has everything to do with how much you accomplish. I had this one long month, a really busy one, where I had to lengthen my working hours, compromise family and fun times, sacrifice my sleep, let go of things of my interest and much more. At the end of the month, I realize I actually couldn't accomplish anything, I couldn't meet the deadlines, I couldn't meet people I had to, I had not held discussions, I hadn't prepared a good report. My busy month turned out to be quite unproductive, even for my personal development and my personal relations.

The whole month, I wrote my diary the next day in office, where I used to forget many of my earlier day’s activities. By the time I reached home, I used to be fully exhausted that I only craved for food and bed. 

Well, I am not the most important person in my office yet I always have plenty of works to do and July was just extra ordinary. I couldn't finish my works in office, I brought them home, I did them in the weekends, I attended discussions on Sunday. I forgot to call my parents, when they did I had lesser things to talk to them about, I didn't attend gatherings, my friends thought I was ignoring them, they gave me names like President Obama’s PA, honey bee, etc etc. I hardly had time for my resolutions, I couldn't read, where did I have the time? I didn't do my prayers and meditation because I woke up late after a tiring day, I couldn't buy chocolates for the kids in the neighborhood because by the time I reached home it would be their bed time, I couldn't write any articles for my blog, I couldn't visit a parlor(Oh No, i looked ugly :P), I couldn't learn anything new the entire month.
When I actually realized I was being unproductive despite being so busy, I went to see my boss. I told him that I think I’m being overburdened with work and even after sacrificing my weekends and other leisure times, I cannot complete them. I had a feeling the he would be disappointed and would label me as uncommitted but surprisingly, when I explained him the entire thing, he instantly agreed to it.

Exactly me in July :P Photo Credit ~ Google
The lessons I learnt:
  1. You should never take more than you can handle:  I should have informed my boss that I already have too much work on my table and I can’t take any other additional works.
  2. When you are busy, you tend to procrastinate more, work less efficiently ultimately leading to lesser work done than usual.
  3. You should never be too busy in the expense of seconding your family and friends.
  4.   Health is very important.
  5.  Resolutions aren't just for noting down.