Wednesday, November 12, 2014

And then you left …….

Every one of us know that our time in this world is limited and that eventually all of us will sleep a never ending sleep and never wake up again. Yet the lost of a loved one or of someone you know always leave you saddened with too many questions unanswered and too many unfulfilled wishes. October 9, 2014 will always remain a very sad day for our family. A day of great lost, a day we lost our hero, the head of our family, the guide, the support, the backbone. My grandfather was 82 years old when he left us only with fondest memories. A short epistle of love I have for you here:

My Dearest Baaju (that’s how I called my grandfather),

Right now, there are so many things I have in mind to tell you, so many wishes, so many thanksgiving words, how I wish I could express all I feel for/about you and all I have to tell to you in words.

Anyhow, well, firstly I am not sad for you now because I know that you are in a better place, an uncontaminated place both by mortal and immortal stuffs, more importantly a place where you deserve to be. I know you are surrounded by angels, you are in the best of your health and you are encircled with abundance of all that you need.  I know this because you were a great being with the purest of heart, you grew up in a place where you were never taught about anything like this, yet you had that in you, HUMANITY. I also know god always watched over you and he definitely had greater plans for you. And I also know you are watching over us right now.

For us, who have been left behind, it’s so strange, the place we lived in doesn't seem ordinary at all, still can’t believe you aren't there in person, we are all so lost without you. Having said that, I would like to acknowledge that you have set a clear way ahead for us. Your hard work, your love for us, the values you have entrusted on us, the lessons and knowledge you have bestowed to us will always play a very important role in our lives.

I feel truly honoured to have known you, to have been a part of your wonderful family and to have been blessed by you. You remind me that my time on this beautiful earth is limited; I shouldn't waste my time on anything else but being good, being honest and being compassionate. Thank you dear Baaju for making me who I am today. You are always there in our prayers. I only wish to be reborn as your granddaughter for all the generations to come.

With much Love and Respect,
Yours always a granddaughter, Cheychey (that's how my grandfather called me).

P.S ~ On behalf of my family and the great soul himself, I would like to convey my heartiest appreciation and gratitude to all family and friends who were there to support and assist us during this painful phase of our life. We shall remain ever grateful. Thank you very much.