Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Day of Love in Switzerland

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love observed on February 14 each year. It is a day where people exhibit love in different ways. Every year, irrespective of my relationship status :P, I start the day by wishing my dad and mom, expressing my undying love for them and telling them how important they are for me and our family.
Many around the globe celebrate the day as the day of romance. In Switzerland like elsewhere, people celebrate the day with flowers, chocolates, fancy cards with loving words and functional gifts, Plus romantic trips, romantic walks, romantic meals. Well, all these have the potential of making the heart skip a few beats (esp. a heart like mine :P).

The Zurich Lake

I spent my Valentine’s Day in Zurich. Zurich is a beautiful and the largest city of Switzerland, the first city of Switzerland I know, my love for Switzerland started with Zurich, so I chose Zurich for this delightful day. After almost 3 hrs of our train journey, we reached Zurich around 11:00AM, the weather was perfect, the sun was up, we chose the water transport for the city tour, well firstly because we hadn’t done that earlier, secondly I wanted to fight my fear of water and thirdly the weather was perfect, it was warm, lovely and romantic. It was my first water trip. 

The places were full of love birds so gracefully dressed, from teenagers to couples in their 60s, each carrying roses and bouquets, expressing their love openly, all laughter and smile, hugs and kisses, holding hands. I noticed, many wore RED – The colour of love and passion. The Zurich Lake was as beautiful as the Geneva Lake. The major attractions when cruising were the fascinating Fraumünster Church and many other small churches and temples, the Swiss national museum, the East, West, North and South of the Zurich city, the ports. I had an amazing time discovering the great maritime experience in such an exquisite city. 

Fraumünster Church
My favourite couple of the day was an elderly couple who looked like they were in their 60s, perhaps because i knew something about their love story.:)

A lot of people queued up when it was our time for boarding, when we got in the ship, the seats were almost all occupied. My friend and I were the last ones to get the seats together. As soon as we were seated, an elderly couple came in, we could tell from the lady’s face that she was tired and a hand on her knees said that her knees hurt too. The lady had a rose in her hand. I stood up and my friend followed to offer our seats to the couple. There was a bright smile on the couple’s face, with a lots of Merci Beaucoups (Thank you very much), they finally sat down. We went outside to sit on the uncovered part of the vessel, even with the sun, it was cold but the cold was tolerable. From the door, we could see the couple seated inside, we saw the attendant offer a bottle of red wine and some snacks. My friend and I looked at each other and smiled, we realised we had done a good deed and helped the couple with their romantic plan. It was an amazing feeling to see such love.

After a while, the man stood up, kissed his lady on her forehead and came towards us. We were scared if he had come to tell us not to stare, well we couldn’t help staring, they were just too adorable. Fortunately, the man had come out for a smoke; he took out his cigar and lighted it gracefully. He smiled and waved as he saw us. After he was done, he came towards us, before I could say hi, he said Thank you again. I couldn’t help asking, did you bring your lady love out for the Valentine’s date? He laughed the big man’s laugh Hahaha and said, yes else she would be furious at me and not talk to me for days. He added, on their second year of marriage, he had to go out of the town for business and Valentine’s Day ran out of his mind; his wife had not talked to him for a month. Since then, he had promised to be with her for all the Valentine’s Day they are going to have together. I asked out of curiosity how long they have been married. I was told they are married for 35 years and they have a son and a daughter. The thought of the man fulfilling his promise for 33 years took me back to my thoughts again, if every men fulfilled his promise this way, every day would be a Valentine’s Day and there would be more peace and love in the world. 

The City Hall, Basel

As he left us, we left for our next destination too. The valentine’s fever still continued in Basel, a lovely city smaller than Zurich. Love birds were everywhere, in the city, walking on the streets holding hands, in the shops buying gifts, in the restaurant feeding each other, all with flowers and everyone smelled very pleasant. ;) We did the city tour by bus, went to the Basel City Hall, took a lot of pictures, we also visited the Dollhouse Museum which is the largest museum of its kind in Europe.
When we came back, the Valentine’s Day was almost over, it was over in my country though. I was very happy about the visit, yet a feeling of emptiness swept over me, when I realised what was missing, I ran into the station shop, bought myself some chocolates and flowers. And Happiness ran through my veins again.