Thursday, April 9, 2015

Some 'Must Visit' Nearby Places (missed in my earlier articles) if you are in Geneva, Switzerland :)

Sitting on a triangular islet surrounded by the Canal du Thiou, the 12th-century Palais de l’Isle has been a lordly residence, courthouse, mint and prison over the centuries. Today Annecy’s most visible landmark hosts exhibits on local architecture and history. It is also featured at the official logo of Annecy and their official tourism website. It is in France.

The bear pit enclosure houses four brown bears: Byörk and Finn and their two cubs, born in December 2009, Ursina and Berna. I caught one of them basking in the sun. 
The First Chocolate Factory of Switzerland :) in Bern.
Berne :)
Breath taking sight of Swiss Alpine Museum, Swiss Postal Museum, Historical Museum of Berne, Natural History Museum, and the Swiss National Library in Bern.
The Broken Chair - "Broken Chair is a monumental sculpture in wood by the Swiss artist Daniel Berset, constructed by the carpenter Louis Genève. It is constructed of 5.5 tons of wood and is 12 metres (39 feet) high.
It depicts a giant chair with a broken leg and stands across the street from the Palace of Nations, in Geneva. It symbolises opposition to land mines and cluster bombs, and acts as a reminder to politicians and others visiting Geneva." ~ Google
Rive -  The perfect place for the shoppers in Geneva :)
The famous flower clock in Geneva is a symbol that the city is famous for Swiss watches. The clock is made out of flowers and it is simply amazing. 
Jet d’Eau which means water jet in English is one of the most famous landmarks of the city. It is one of the largest fountains in the world located in the scenic Geneva Lake which is lit up at night. It is surrounded by the city of Geneva. It is also featured at the official logo of Geneva and their official tourism website.

The Botanical Garden: 

One of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Switzerland which is located just above the World Trade Organization headquarters in Geneva. The garden has many plants which ranging from commercially used plants to medicinal and ornamental plants. There are also many exotic animals mostly birds.

Zermatt, Switzerland:

Mount Saleve, France: