Saturday, November 14, 2015

Essay For Same Sex Marriage

Same sex-marriage is one of the most controversial and sensitive issues of recent times. According to the U.S Legal, Inc., “same-sex marriage also known as gay marriage or homosexual marriage is a ceremonial union of two people of the same sex; marriage or marriage-like relationship between two women or two men.” Although reports indicated that as of June 2015, some 21 countries have legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, there are still many countries debating over this issue explained Waxman (2015). Millions of people still think that gay people have no right and should never be allowed to be legally recognized in marriage. Amongst many, the main argument placed by these millions of people who oppose the legalization of same sex-marriage is the belief that couples of the same sex getting married would redefine the meaning of marriage, thus harming the institution of traditional marriage.
     However, there are others who believe that gays are just like anyone else and should enjoy the same rights and privileges as heterosexuals; I am one of them. The argument of gay marriage harming the institution of traditional marriage is simply an over exaggeration. The ability of same-sex couples to get married will not alter a single aspect of heterosexual marriages in any way. 
     In the same way, like it is natural for us to fall in love with the opposite sexes, in my humblest opinion, it is also natural for people of the same gender to fall in love. They are born that way despite the differences in their personality. Studies have shown that being gay is not a lifestyle but genetically determined.  Zing (2014) reported on a topic titled, 'Scientists discovered new evidence of ‘gay gene’', "researchers analyzed blood and saliva samples from 409 pairs of brothers (including non-identical twins) over a period of five years, looking for shared locations of genetic markers called Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms[1] (SNPs).  They found  five SNPs commonly shared by the gay men, all clustered in two distinct locations on separate chromosomes."  
     Therefore, from the comments as mentioned earlier, I support same-sex marriage because of the following reasons: equality, harmless to heterosexual marriage, love and happiness, and procreation. The first reason for supporting same sex-marriage is because I believe every human being was born equal and has the right to be treated equally. Every person has the right to live their lives as and how they want, they have the right to take their  decisions and make their choices about their life. The first article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that, “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” We, being fellowmen must respect each others differences and opinions. 
     Secondly, same-sex marriage does not harm or hurt heterosexual marriage neither does they take away their marriage rights. In a Same-Sex Marriage Debate video: Gallagher vs. Corvino, hosted by the Wayne State University, on October, 25 2012, it was argued that giving marriage right to gay couples do not mean taking away the right of marriage from straight people and it do not mean either that the number of straight marriages will be lessened. The legal rights and benefits of heterosexual couples are completely unaffected by the existence of gay marriage. It is not as if straight couples will suddenly stop loving each other or start treating their children badly should same-sex marriage be legalized.
     My third reason for supporting same-sex marriage is because marriage is about love, happiness and commitment more than anything else. As long as they are comfortable and happy being with each other and sharing their lives together, they shouldn’t be deprived of their happiness. In the above video, John Corvino mentioned that gay people find happiness in same sex relationship which is one of the fundamental attributes for getting married. Marriage does many good things to people in many ways from maintaining social status to doing a funeral and even getting a citizenship. So, no one should be deprived of this beautiful relationship.
      The final reason for supporting same-sex marriage is the issue of children. Some people also argue that same-sex couples can’t have children. In a video titled, the real modern family, (Sep 29, 2010) the popular gay couple, Tod Hollands and Scotch Ellis Loring received the help of a surrogating agency in having their own biological children. This agency helps members of both heterosexual couples and gay and lesbian couples in becoming biological parents. How this work is, the prospective parents would pick up an egg donor and search for a surrogate; this is done so that the surrogate doesn't get emotionally and biologically connected with the child. Looking at gay parents take care of the children, it is like the whole concept of a family has been re-written. Nowadays, parenting is not just about male and female, but about adults having good heart and love towards their children.
     In conclusion, I would like to restate that my opinion of same-sex-marriage is in support of it. The reasons being, firstly, every human being should be treated equally; second, same-sex marriages don’t harm heterosexual relationships; third, marriage is about love and commitment and finally procreation. Therefore, People should not be selfish and just think about themselves; they should look beyond the traditional way of thinking and open their minds to freedom of choice for everyone.

[1] is a DNA sequence variation occurring commonly within a population (e.g. 1%) in which a single nucleotide — A, T, C or G — in the genome (or other shared sequence) differs between members of a biological species or paired chromosomes.

P.S- This Essay was written as a part of my Masters Degree Course :)