Sunday, May 1, 2016

*The story of my exam week*

I talk to myself every night;
The time is 2 AM ~ tick tock tick tock~
it doesn't stop while I plan ~
So I decide, I am waking up at 9 and I count the hours with my fingers and disagree ~ that's just 7 hours; 
OK 10 AM it is then. And in the next 10 minutes I am in my dreamland.

Next day at 11 (since I always wake up an hour after the alarm) I start counting hours again, for study - OK 10 hours since I have nothing else to do.
I take a shower, look at the time again, it's 12:16; I want it to be 12:30, so I watch some videos or listen to some music (which appears extraordinarily interesting around this time) which normally doesn't end at 12:30 and then I have to wait for the next round number; 1. 

So many silly things happen in between ~ I take a nap, I eat more than three meals a day; I clean my nails, my ears; a little pain here and a little pain there; I see an extra growth of my eye brow, I look in the mirror to remove it; end up removing my blackheads and searching for pimples instead; I scroll Face book and Instagram feeds 10 times in few hours (I log them off actually, since its really distracting but in few hours when I realize, I would have already logged in again); I play piano tiles and surprisingly, during this time, I somehow become a champion and a lot of music gets unlocked and I play for hours  and I don't realize how fast the time flies. I waste more than half of the study time simply not studying.

And it's time for me to plan for the another day again :( 

I know I have been like this for the last 20 years maybe; yet I don't want to change, because life is so beautiful as it is :) Too much of planning; doing nothing as per the plans; a bit of stress & madness later; and finally I know all will be well again :)