Thursday, January 16, 2014

My New Year Resolutions 2014

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I read somewhere that New Year’s Eve should be seen as a time of rebirth, the chance to start new. We all have something we would like to do better, whether it’s a desire to be more active, less messy, more creative or less attached to things/people. I found the statement very true. As always, I have listed down my resolutions to be the change I want to see :) :

My New Year resolutions for 2014 are:

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1. To start a Blog:
Completed ;) I am an owner of a blog, 'Lets Grow Together' (wink wink)

2.   Stop Complaining over small things and practice Gratitude always
I did awesome this year in terms of gratitude, this could be one reasons why I felt 2014 was one of the happiest years I lived except for the demise of my beloved grandfather. I have a gratitude journal to update what i am grateful for every day. The best thing about it is I had at least 3 things to be grateful about everyday, which means I have learnt to appreciate every little thing.
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   "Gratitude for the abundance you have received is the best insurance that abundance will continue”-  Prophet Muhammad.

 3.  Start Saving. (# Seriously):

No i couldn't do it even this year :(  So it continues next year!!

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4.   Love myself more and forgive myself for the little mistakes I make.

I feel proud, I did an amazing job here :) I am so very much in love with myself, I never realized that i am an awesome company to be with!!! I have also realized that I should be kind with myself because i deserve it  ^^ 

# Sometimes I judge myself pretty harshly. I blame myself for things I have absolutely no control over. It’s just too easy to hold myself to high standards and then get frustrated when I fail to meet them. I expect too much from myself. This year, I shall stop being hard on myself and accept that I am doing the best I can. J

5.    Organize and initiate a family trip this winter. 

       This, i wont say was unsuccessful. Because i had planned everything well. Just that the timing went wrong!! Its postponed to next year!!

6.   Buy school dresses for five students (and increase the number annually).

I bought Five sets of School uniforms for students who couldn't afford to buy a new one :) A pat on my back ~~ I feel Proud :)

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  7. Stop eating Rajniganda  ~~~ Successful ^^ I had started a habit of eating this pan masala. Hadn't been able to stop it despite having severe chest pains due to it's consumption ^^ However, since i put this in my resolution, I quit it successfully ;)

 8. Reach office on time ~~~ NO this wasn't successful!!!  at all :( thus continues next year!!

9. Buy a Good Camera   ~~~ Well, my needs changed over time, I was in need of a good cell phone instead of a camera ( I could use the phone camera) And i Bought one .

 10. Stay Happy and be kind always.

Honestly, I think i did this quite well too. I have stayed kind, which in turn always made me feel Happy :) And I wish to stay the same always!!

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