Thursday, April 24, 2014

My ‘30 before 30’ List:

I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring - DavidBowie ;)
While I am so much in love with my life in many ways, there are still things that are not 

where I want them to be. I will turn 30 on October 8, 2016; I still have 1 year and 10 months

 long time to actually accomplish these 30 things I have noted down here. I have no idea how

 easy or difficult they might be, but I am super excited already ;):

1.   Publish at least 72 Articles on my Blog (which would mean an average of 2 Articles in a

 month), of which at least 35 Articles would be Self Help Articles which would make some 

difference in the readers’ life in some way (Posted 38 Articles as of 08/10/2016); which is sad indeed :(  i just got too busy last one year (Not an excuse though): This will be continued seriously and wholeheartedly!

2.   Make Self Care a Priority; I did a pretty good job :) but i am continuing this throughout  :)

3.     Take my Family for a Trip outside Bhutan (Fully Me Financed Trip :P) ; My family went out for a trip, sadly it wasnt me financed :(. Anyways, i am gonna keep my word :)

4.  Study Abroad; Yay, a major acomplishment indeed.

5.  Read 100 Books (Read 90 books before my 30th Birthday);

6. Develop a regular, serious Meditation habit;  YES :)

7. Visit Dalai Lama; :( Couldnot

8.  Learn 5 Yoga Poses (Learnt )

9. Start a Recurring Deposit; :( Couldnot

10. Buy Gifts for my Family often; YES :)

11. Donate Blood; :( Couldnot

12.  Take a Road Trip; (;)) YES

      13.  Volunteer for a Good Cause/ Do an act of kindness every day; YES

      14.  Send a Message in a Bottle; NO

      15.  Get in a Swimming Pool, Learn the actions of Stroke and Floating on water; Yes not a hydrophobic anymore. Swam in the middle of the sea in Pattaya :P, when the banana boat threw us there)

      16.  Travel Alone; YES many times :)

      17.  Buy School Uniforms for 20 needy Students (Bought Uniform for 20 students )

      18.  Buy Food for 20 hungry People (Bought Food for 21 Hungry People );

      19.  Visit 10 Countries (Visited 11 Countries) 

 South Korea :);
 Sri Lanka

      20.  Weigh 55 Kgs; (I weigh 54 Kgs, i Look very healthy, i don't want to look fat :D)

      21.  Pay off my Loan;

      22.  Take a Language class/Learn a Foreign Language;  (I though I would learn Japanese but Korean is pretty cool too ;))

      23.  Learn a Musical Instrument; NO

      24.  Go Parachuting/Sky diving; (Yes, many Scary Roller coaster rides (Cant take anything more scary anymore :P; Went Parasailing in Pattaya)

      25.  Take some Awesome Photos/ Go on Photo Walks/ Practice Photography Skills;YES :)

      26.  Go on a Trekking/Camping; NO

      27.  Settle down with all the things I desire for (a Vast Collection of Good Books, Exotic 

Furniture, Best TV Set and Music System, Best Home Appliances, etc etc.. :-P); Not all

     28.  Visit a Fish Spa (or) Get a Tattoo;  (yes , the first one :) in Siem Reap, Cambodia)

     29.  Take THAT someone home to meet my Grannies, dad and mom. :P

30.  Prepare my 40 before 40 List and Celebrate my 30th Birthday with my loved ones :). Done