Monday, September 1, 2014

Autumn: My favourite Season is finally here [Winks]

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Autumn is the third season of a year after summer and before winter. It is my favorite season because it makes me fall in love with nature more deeply. I love the smell of it. It makes me happy and just happier.

Seven reasons why I love Autumn:

 1. The Climate and the Surrounding:

Beautiful Thimphu ^-^ in one of the Autumn mornings!

Autumn has the most pleasant weather conditions. I love the yellow leaves, the fruiting trees, the harvesting time, the weather - neither too cold, nor too hot, cool breeze, lesser rain. No one needs fire or heater to keep them warm neither does anyone need to shower every single hour to get rid of heat and humidity.  It’s the perfect picnic season, perfect season to go on walks – both romantic and unromantic. :)
2. The Festivals and the Holidays:

It’s a festive season, a series of government holidays fall in this season – Starts with (1) the Blessed Rainy day – this idea of taking the annual holy bath has always amused me, I mean it’s wonderful, it feels different taking a shower that day, it is assumed to clean our soul, rinse all our sins along with the body’s debris. (2) the Royal Wedding anniversary – I just love my king and the queen – the best looking and kind hearted couple they are. I just wish them more and more love each passing year. (3) the Thimphu Drupchen and Tshechu – it’s kind of embarrassing to mention but I have not been to a Tshechu and seen those mask dances and other stuffs live for long, not after I turned a teenager. But the tshechu discounts are awesome :P (4) Dasara and Diwali – Ah this is awesome again. Family time, getting blessings from elderly, Gifts, yummy delicious foods, prayers, celebration, etc etc and finally ends with His Majesty, the fourth king’s Birthday which is also celebrated as the Children’s day.

3.  Other reasons:

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I love the idea of falling leaves towards the end of the season. It surely indicates that winter is approaching but it also says something else. It’s something like a new beginning, letting go of things that doesn’t go well with you anymore. Plus, for no particular reason, I love the names of the months - September, October and November. It’s just so ear pleasing. 

4.  The clothes:
Loving my fav season!
I love the clothes I get to wear in autumn, my favorite set of dresses. Long skirts/dresses, cardigans, Long Jeans, thin sweaters, pump shoes. N I also love my skin in autumn, not too oily, not too dry, it remains simply perfect.

5.  Lesser calamities:

Ah, after a long season of never-ending floods and landslides and casualties, road blocks, road accidents caused by slippery roads, autumn is a more peaceful season. Winter, being a dry season brings forest fires again destroying houses of hundreds of innocent living beings.

6.   Photography:
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Photography is a beautiful thing by itself but autumn adds beauty to it. The beautiful morning sun rise scenery, the falling leaves scenery, the yellow flower like leaves picture, the morning and evening walk views, the sunset. Everything is so beautiful about autumn. :)

7.   My Birthday:

My birthday falls on October. October 8 to be precise J I love my birthday; I mean I know everyone does, but it’s a different feeling. Of course it means that I am growing a year older, but it also means I am growing wiser, I know more things than I did last year and most importantly, it would be a new beginning. I also love writing down reviews of my previous year and setting goals/ resolutions for the coming year. Apart from the birthday gifts, I also love the celebrations I have with my loved ones. :)

Wish you all a Happy and a bright Autumn J