Monday, September 22, 2014

‘Salman Khan’- My Super Star ^ - ^

No doubt he is the most, yes THE MOST handsome, well maintained and the most kind-hearted Bollywood actor of all times.  I am his great, if not the greatest fan. I love this actor immensely, it’s not just his movies, everything about him is different, so are my feelings for him. I grew up watching his movies, I watched almost all of his movies, I still do. The funniest thing is, I cannot/don’t rate his movies because it’s just about him and there’s nothing I dislike about him. I totally adore this man.

Photo Credit -  Being Human webpage
Another work of him that makes me more of his fan is the ‘Being human’ initiative. Through this charitable foundation, he helps millions of vulnerable and underprivileged people, thousands of them every day. Be it orphans, victims of natural calamities or victims of any other misfortune, changing lives of people is his intent. He is a star who makes me trust and love humankind more.

Further, I am simply amazed by the number of people whose lives Salman has touched. Every show he is being invited to, there are people who simply burst into tears out of respect for this super star. Overly Good Looking, Strong, Funny, Humble, Also Arrogant and Insensitive (when he has to), this actor has never disappointed me in any way.

I watch every show featuring him on TV, buy and read every magazine which has a cover picture of him, listen to all of his songs, watch and read every being human shows, visit being human showrooms whenever I can and watch all of his movies. ^ _ ^

Currently, I follow him on Big Boss 8 :P, a reality show which is aired on Colours channel at 9:30PM BST. It makes me happy, the thought of getting to see this star every weekend J

Ah A Handsome Poser <3 Photo Credit  - internet
God Bless the Macho Man and Sincere Prayers and Best wishes for his charitable works.