Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy Women's Day :)

A woman is a symbol of beauty and grace; she is an essence of tenderness, love and compassion. Every family, every home, every heart, every love, every moment is incomplete without a woman, because women have the ability to make every little thing special. 

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The International Women’s Day which is marked on the 8th of March every year is instituted by the United Nations to commemorate the contribution of women. There are many influential women who have made substantial contribution to the welfare and wellbeing of our universe apart from their selfless contribution to their family, economy and the society.

My favourite, a woman who has always inspired me is Mother Teresa. Her charitable works, her thoughts, her initiatives, her speeches, her inspirational quotes simply motivates me to be a better woman.

Like every other women, I am proud to have been born as a woman too. Being born in a country like Bhutan, I have been lucky; I never experienced the torments of gender discrimination. However, I am aware that some women face severe hardship due to gender discrimination in many parts of the world. It gives me immense pain to hear, watch and read about them. We, together should stop this discrimination and all the nuisances a woman has to bear. Together, we should make a difference. 

For all you wonderful women, some special message I have for you here:

Always keep your head high, always love yourself because you are awesome, keep providing your unconditional love and care - the world requires more of it, keep supporting the needy ones, keep spreading kindness and happiness, never stop looking beautiful, don’t stop smelling pleasant, don’t stop shopping, always decide for yourself, don’t tolerate excessive criticism and torture of any kind, don’t remain a victim of domestic violence or any other cruelty, be strong and always move forward and most importantly believe that you are beautiful, you are special and you can make a difference.

As a woman, let us refrain from talking lowly about the other women, let’s take care of each other as sisters, let’s have more love between ourselves, let us refrain ourselves from gossiping about each other, understand each other because men or any other beings will never understand us more than a woman can, let’s be kind to each other and stay supportive to all who needs help and support. No comparison and competition because everyone is different, special and unique in our own way.

Happy Women’s Day to all the wonderful women - Live Special.