Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Some Random things that happened

1. The Godly cat:

      I was walking down the street few days ago with one of my colleagues, suddenly a man came with his cat so elegantly dressed; I couldn’t help exclaiming, how cute, that’s when my colleague noticed the cat and said the cat just crossed your way so it’s believed to be a bad luck. I argued too much about it, that he finally gave up. He was relating some life incidences, to which I told him not to blame a cute little innocent being for those incidences which were meant to happen to him anyway. That night I was extremely tired as I had walked too much (you know how tiring shopping can be); I had some pain on my calf and my feet that I couldn’t stand up anymore. I slept right after I got to my room, that night I dreamt about a cat who was sitting on my feet. I could literally feel his weight and the warmth. When I woke up in the morning (NO KIDDING), my pain was all gone, I mean, not a bit of pain I felt that morning. I kept wondering for an hour in bed if the cat was a god or the god was happy that I defended the innocent being.

       2. The Mummies of Mongolia: 

       It was 11:00PM, I was trying to sleep but sleep was nowhere closer, so I picked up my phone and started scrolling my Facebook home page; a picture caught my attention, it read a 200 year old mummy of a monk was found in Mongolia, when I read monk, which meant Lama/ a Guru I couldn’t help, opening the picture and taking it to my forehead to receive his blessings, well it’s a kind of habit amongst most of us Bhutanese, a sign of respect. After that I looked back, some creepy pictures of mummies were all over my phone (while moving the phone, some related posts had shown up), I screamed and threw off my phone and stayed awake the entire night chanting prayers. 

3. The room in my light:

I was cooking; the light went off as soon as I connected the rice cooker to the power point. It was all dark, I hurriedly ran to my room and called the reception. I was scared. The mummy incident had happened just the earlier night. The guy picked up, I said The room in my light went off, the guy said sorry madam, I didn’t get you. The second time, I said it louder and clearer, The room in my light went off, he said nothing, I again said it more louder and more clearer, The room in my light went off, he didn’t seem to understand yet again. I was wondering why he didn’t understand what I was saying when I pronounced every single word carefully, only then I realised why he didn't. I couldn’t even reframe the sentence and tell him properly because, I was already on the floor rolling and laughing. After about 10 mins, my doorbell rang, I was still on the floor, when I opened the door, the guy had come up with a bulb, a hidden laughter on his face, he had finally understood what I meant after all, he fixed my light and went away laughing out loud.

       4.  I should change this habit: 

      I have this habit of remembering something from like ages and laughing on my own. This time, the girl in the bus reminded me of an incident. The otherwise very silent bus, had some music this time and I saw people around giggling. Only then I noticed, a girl had actually connected her headphone to the iPad she was carrying, unfortunately, the iPad got disconnected and the music was playing out loud, but the girl wasn’t aware of it while the others were. I bursted into laughter, so loud that everybody looked at me and yet I couldn’t stop.  I couldn’t tell anyone that I wasn’t laughing at the girl but I had remembered something really funny that had happened to me some 5 – 6 years ago. I was meeting a man for a kind of a first date, I had a friend too. Well, my friend and the man got buzy over some guy talks, I was bored, so I took out my headphones and connected it to my not so good phone. I was listening to some funny channel on a radio, both of them stared at me, I didn’t give them a damn and went buzy listening to the radio; my friend signalled something and when I took out my headphones to listen to him, I realised the head phone was not connected, well, it was connected but the connection was loose and the channel was full on audible to them. Aww I had made such a big fool of myself; that was the most embarrassing moment I had with a guy ever.

      5.  Smile, is it really good?: 

      Ok a Man again. I have learnt a lesson on this anyway. Well, I am a person who wear a smile, like I smile at almost everybody, I just like smiling. During one of my trips to Basel, Switzerland, there was a man who followed me everywhere just because I smiled? I really dont know. As we went inside the City hall in Basel, I saw a man on the entrance, he was looking at me, when our eyes met, I just smiled at him after which he smiled back at me too.  After the smile, the man followed me like almost everywhere like in movies, he took my pictures, he followed me to the shop, he stared at me from the shop window. I got furious and I told my friend that the man is following me and lets get out of here. I even frowned at him, I really wanted to go and shout at him but it wasn’t my city, so I was told to be careful. We got in the bus as fast as we could; the man was with his bicycle still looking at me. I really wanted to show him my tongue and make faces as the bus left, but I didn’t, I dint want to be followed and kidnapped (like in movies too) :P Since then I don’t smile at a guy stranger first.

      6. Learning about my country in a foreign land:
          I met two men; one in Lausanne and the other one in Zurich who knew more about my country than myself, some weird facts, I had never heard about.  Obviously, it’s a proud feeling but it was kind of shocking too. The man showed me a Quran translated in Dzongkha; both men informed me about an archaeology exhibition on Bhutan in Europe around 1970s, they knew about kuensel and asked me if it’s still the national newspaper, one of them told me that he read a news about the first vehicle accident in Bhutan with a picture of a jeep around 1970s. Well, it is always a pleasure to know about your country, especially when you are away from home.  

Well, i know what you are thinking. Yes, true, i am one of the weirdest women alive :)