Monday, June 1, 2015

Face book: Increasing negativity - a concern

A year ago, I deactivated my face book account for exactly a year; it wasn't entirely because of the reason many people thought it was, I decided to quit because, there was just too much negativity in it. I have seen people or rather say face book friends criticizing almost everything, losing temper, using unpleasant languages including vulgar ones, making personal attacks, increasing hate wars,  so on and so forth.

Though there is no doubt on face book being very advantageous in many ways, from keeping in touch with long distance friends/ not too close friends to news updates and recently it has become a more common online shopping platform including buying/selling of  second hand stuffs.

I also agree the negative comments shouldn't be taken too personally and let it affect you, but it does affect you, in some way or the other it affects your positivity, your mood and spoils your day.

Some tips on how to refrain yourself from such negativity:

1. Be kind:

Being kind is the most beautiful thing of living. When someone is kind to you, how does it feel? Me, I just feel so happy that I want to repay it back sooner. Many a times, I have seen this happen, a person comment negatively on something you have posted. Before posting such negative comments, don't people think at least once if the comment is rude and it could hurt the other person (and what would you get by hurting someone you don't even know or know much?). People are usually fighting hard battles and it's not cool to make a rude comment, sometimes you don't even mean it but it could hurt the receiver too badly. As a human, we all are expected to be kind and sensitive and help each other, instead of adding up negativity and distress on someone's life. 

2. Appreciate: 

In pictures - appreciate people's beauty, in writings - appreciate their afford and opinion. Instead of commenting on how big their nose is, how bad their photographic skills are or how awful their English writing is, how beautiful it would be to just appreciate what they are doing. Nobody is perfect neither you and I, it is by trying, we learn and encouraging people is the best support you can ever and always give.

3. Respect people's opinion:  

If people want to showcase their feelings via face book, let them do so, if they want to post what they are having for their breakfast, let them, or photos. I don't personally find anything wrong in there, it's their page let them do whatever they like doing, life's going to be so simple if you just respect their opinion instead of snapping them with too much of negative comments. If you don't like it, don't do it yourself.

I recollect this incidence of Mothers' day. Many of us posted photos of our mothers on our face book pages and wished them. I read few general negative comments saying that, it's showing off and it is not a platform to express our love for our mothers. Well, that's just not done, it's our way of doing it. When it's perfectly okay to wish your lovers on valentine's day and anniversaries on face book, why do people find it weird to wish your mother on face book on a mother's day? 

4. Ignore what you don't like:

Why would one like to comment on something he/she doesn't like. Isn't is cool to just ignore and focus on the things you like? Instead of wasting your time and energy on giving some one negative comments, simply ignore it and do something productive and positive. 

5. Be constructive in your criticism: 

There are times where criticisms are necessary, when they are just do it constructively. There's nothing wrong in giving your views when you don't agree to it. Don't make personal attacks. Once, I read a heart wrenching personal article which the writer had shared on one of the groups in face book; though many showed support and sadness there was one particular comment which attacked the author on his nationality and ethnic background in a very hurting way. When the comment had a very strong negative effect on me (a total stranger), I wondered how much pain it would have caused the author. Friends, let's just be more humane.

One time there were talks about setting up a slaughter house in the country, many people had their own views about it. There was one particular person on face book who cursed the project manager (probably the one who made the presentation about the project) so ruthlessly that his death was predicted. The person wrote, "Mr. ------ would be the first one to die when the next earthquake occurs".  This, I think is totally insane.

So, guys lets live peacefully and positively :) Happy Face Booking! Lets create a positive online platform.