Thursday, June 25, 2015

My FIRST Bloggers' Meet ^ ^

Bloggers Meet
Venue: IBEST
DAY: Wednesday (June 24, 2015)

Bloggers of Bhutan :) Pic Courtesy - Rima Reyka
 My first one, thrilled but equally nervous, I accepted the request of an excellent blogger friend, Riku to attend the meet on face book. If not for anything, I thought I would get to drink with people with at least one common interest of reading and writing. :P

On a serious note, I couldn't afford to miss it at all,  it was an opportunity to meet amazing people whom I will categorize into three here:
1.  Great people whose writings I have been following;
2. People like me who just write when time permits/emotions flow;
3. young aspiring bloggers who would like to take up blogging seriously.

No matter how hard I tried, even after giving myself some confidence pills, I really couldn't think of facing the crowd alone, so I dragged my sister along, agreeing with her blackmailing of, "you will have to listen to whatever I say from now on" (she never misses a chance to blackmail me though), grabbed some bottles of wine and beer (Since we were asked to :P) and reached the venue at 6:45PM.

Ah, Introductory session again! Phew, Why is it always this hard? Why is it so easy for some people, they can just go on and on. Singing out loud with that hoarse voice of mine in front of my sister and my cousin (I don't sing at all) seemed much easier than saying my name and where I work to a crowd there. Sigh! Totally nervous I was.

Interactions started then:  First encounter with Rekha Monger. We met at the door, we exchanged our hellos and she asked me who I am. While I introduced myself to her, I saw her nodding which I took it otherwise, I mean I thought maybe she knows me (we were college mates by the way), by the time I realized, my boneless tongue already had asked her, do you know me? She answered promptly, NO, only then I realized, I had just acted like some superstar. I wanted to laugh out right away , but I am quite decent with people I am not close to, so could control my laughter some way.  I know her, I mean had heard about her through some friends so I replied, I know you to her "do you know me?". It was so awkward that I ran to my sister and an old mate to share about it and we had a good laugh.

N I pose with my pre primary Friend Ugyen Lhendup :)
 It was quite interesting to know that, most of the avid bloggers were some way or the other associated to me in my life's journey. Some were mates from schools/college and I had a colleague too in the group. I met a friend from pre primary there, Ugyen Lhendrup (Glad I have an unique name- He recognized me right away).

Meeting Rima Reyka (from Singapore) in person was as amazing as I thought it would be.  She is one person who encouraged me to write and ever since we met on face book, we have always been in touch. She knows how to make friends and keep them. I admire the lady truly for inspiring and encouraging so many young people (Like me :P - a joke) to write. Many of the bloggers said they were at the meet because of her.

The after dinner and drinks session was more interesting. By then I was a little tipsy and I knew more people too. One thing I thoroughly enjoyed doing was laughing out loud with Rima and Lobsang sir, a man with marvelous skills, such an active teacher, like Dawa said, I would love to attend his classes too.

The most popular Bhutanese blogger (Passu), proud to state was my batch mate back in secondary school. He asked me, why do I still look so young? And pretending not to shy off, I told him I use a secret. :P

With great bloggers :) - Riku and Passu.

 I also had a beautiful time with Amrith sir. Overloaded with humor, he was the man who made me laugh too much last night. It was a proud moment to meet Madam Chador, the Author of popular La Ama in person and even more proud to be related to her husband. Yay, I am an author's relative. :P.

It was so nice and inspiring to see some students who were into blogging.  Like Lobsang sir mentioned, I never heard about a blog when I was a student. Thumbs up :) I also discovered, the Tharchen Tharchen whom I thought all these times was a member of parliament, because he looked so familiar, was a junior in college. LOL

All in all, I am totally humbled to be a part of the group. The meet made up for my reaching back home at mid night, disturbing my cousin, waking up and getting late to work and having to eat cup noodle for lunch .

Thank you very much organizers for the night.